Saturday, November 15, 2008


As winter approaches (and it's approaching quickly), we need foster homes more than ever. The Marion Shelter gets calls daily about stray dogs, particularly when it is cold. As it stands, there are literally NO spots left in the shelter. In fact, most kennels are housing 2 dogs. Precious little dogs and puppies are having to live outside in the cold (the temperature tonight is falling at or below freezing with windchills making it feel even colder...) To make matters worse, several of the dogs houses are not even fit to house our sweeties (they have large cracks and/or many leak). If anyone could donate good quality dog houses, that would be wonderful as well, but foster homes are even more critical.

When you walk to your car and complain about how cold it is, please take a minute to think about the homeless pets who are having to endure this weather 24/7. If you personally have a pet that lives outside, please winterize their home well (and that doesn't mean just giving him/her a blanket- those feel like ice cubes after a while). It is a myth that animals don't get cold because they have fur coats (it would be equivalent to you having to stay outside wearing your coat- do you think you'd be comfortable?). We urge you to consider fostering- we will provide whatever is necessary to the best of our abilities (e.g., food, crate, etc.). At least spread the word...tis the season to give. If you no longer need your crate, please think about donating it (it's tax deductible!).

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