Friday, November 21, 2008


We wanted to thank 2 Doggy Angels from Memphis. Both Anetta and Debbie answered our pleas for help during this critical time of freezing temperatures. As you may know, we had 12 or so dogs living outside that had to be out of the shelter by Thursday. Thankfully, our few volunteers pooled together and managed to get all of them out temporarily except a few.

Thanks to these two women (who incidentally do not know each other), the few left outside were as comfortable as possible. Anetta bought numerous dog beds/blankets (which of course we packed in the dog houses) and Debbie brought a dog house (in much better condition than some of the ones at the shelter by the way).

We still urgently need foster homes because we have several dogs in boarding that cannot stay there. In addition, dogs come in daily (2 more were dropped off in te last 2 days). PLEASE HELP if you can- we are begging. Call Allison at 901-240-9848 or email us at

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