Sunday, February 28, 2010


Lonnie and Lindy need your help! These poor pups have been in limbo since December 2008 when they came to our rescue after being put on "the list" at our local shelter.

Even though they were brought to the shelter as strays on different dates, We are pretty sure that they came from the same house, where they lived with older children. Apparently they did not have a fenced in yard which is how they landed at the shelter. Sadly, their owners never came to reclaim them.

Both are very sweet and well socialized with humans. Lindy would probably do best as an only dog (however, in all fairness, her foster mom admits that she has not been tried off-leash with any of her dogs) . Lonnie has played with his foster mom's female Pit and even one of her male dogs, however he can be fussy at mealtimes and would need to be fed separately. Both have been wonderful around older children (5 and up- they are a little too jumpy for toddlers).

Lindy and Lonnie have been in one foster home since their intake - but they have been living outside as the foster parents are not allowed by their landlord to have inside pets.

Now their foster parents are no longer able to house them due to family challenges - we have no place for these poor dogs to go and no funds for boarding. The foster parents have given us a deadline of Wednesday, MARCH 3rd to find new foster homes, rescue or sanctuary assistance for Lindy and Lonnie. If we cannot, they will have to be put to sleep (we have NEVER had to do that due to lack of foster homes, but all of our foster homes have multiple dogs and no one has room). Please do not send us e-mails about this as this is excruciating enough for us, but without someone to step up and take them we have no choice.

We would love to find indoor foster homes for Lindy and Lonnie so that they may live as part of the family. On top of everything else - Lindy and Lonnie have tested positive for Heartworm and will need to under go treatment at some point. They have been on heartworm preventative since their foster parents have had them.

These beautiful bullies just cannot seem to catch a break. We know it is a long shot - but we think they deserve a chance at a loving home, just like every other dog that comes through our rescue.

If you can help by fostering Lindy or Lonnie, please contact Allison IMMEDIATELY at 901-240-9848.


There will be a foster application/screening process to ensure safe placement. Below are the most current pictures of these gorgeous dogs!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


As many of you know - we have been way beyond capacity since our Adoption Coordinator and Foster mom, Joan, was in a car accident. Without dogs leaving, it has been impossible for us to take in new dogs in urgent need of help.

So many kind souls stepped up to help us in our time of need - and we could not be more thankful.

We were so fortunate last week to have our rescue partners from Maine drive all the way to Arkansas to pick up a load of our rescued pups! 38 lucky pups headed back to Maine to find loving forever homes including too many puppies to count, Kaleigh, Jerry, Maggie, Carley, Terry, Scooter, and Sebastian, our special needs, vision-impaired Mini-Aussie!

This incredible rescue effort has freed us up a little to focus on some of the longterm residents - but of course - you know the phone never stops ringing...only days after the transport left...three more litters of puppies arrived at our doors (where does it end!)

THANK YOU to Sue, Jeff, Sherri, Mary and Jenny for braving weather and fatigue to save our dogs! We LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


***GOOD NEWS- Bubba's current family has decided to build a fence so they can keep him afterall****

This is a courtesy posting for one of our volunteer's neighbors who rescued this handsome boy. This is Bubba (also known as Buddy depending on which family member you talk to). Bubba is an active young boy (approx a year old) who needs to find an indoor home as soon as possible. He is having to live outside in the cold because one of his current family members is allergic to dogs. Bubba's current owner took him home from his workplace a few months ago after someone apparently dumped him.

Bubba appears to be at least part Greyhound or Whippet (???). He has a gorgeous brindle coat and has a slender body type. The problem (aside from needing an indoor home) is that he does not want to stay in the backyard and will climb the 4 ft chain-link fence. A home with a wooden privacy fence is preferred. Bubba generally stays in the front yard and does not seem to wander much. He just wants to be with "his family", but the family is worried because they live near a fairly busy street.

Bubba would do best in an active home with older children. He is a big puppy who enjoys giving kisses to the toddler in the picture, but he doesn't quite know his strength and accidentally knocks him over. He would benefit from obedience training as most dogs would.

We are not sure about his heartworm status or medical history (e.g., vaccination history) yet, but hope to find out very soon. If you can at least foster Bubba, please call Allison at 901-240-9848. If you are interested in adopting him, we ask that you fill out a PAWS application to ensure his safety. We can provide his contact information if you have specific questions about him as well.

Read more about Bubba on his Petfinder Profile

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Some of you have been following Brady's story. His is a true example of a happy ending.

Here is the latest update from Brady's adoptive mom:

I wanted to let you know that Brady is doing excellent! He just graduated from basic obedience training on Monday (1/25) and we have enrolled into the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program and hopefully within seven weeks he will be certified! He is such a great learner, very hard headed but I just keep after him and he is willing to please.

After the CGC I am going to put him into clicker training and then I think we'll try an intro to agility class, if he likes it we will move on to more advanced agility courses.

There were about 15 other dogs in the basic class, Brady was in heaven and just wanted to be best friends with each one of them. The trainers are wonderful and everyone just loves him, it's hard not to!

He is the talk of our building. People are amazed at what he went through but how nice of a dog he is. He is definitely helping spread a good word about mistreated dogs, specially being a Pit Bulls.

He is one of the funniest dogs I've met, he LOVES the snow. He was ecstatic the first time it snowed, he could have played out there for hours upon hours. When we take our walks he finds the nearest snow bank and bounds through it like a bunny it's hysterical.

He also is great at finding huge sticks, some times more like logs, and will carry them the whole time we are on the walk. I always leave it out side the door where we live and he finds it every time we go back out, wicked cute.

He also is such a snorer, which I find adorable and he has so much personality, like how his tail wags in a circle!

He is finally starting to leave our cat alone, I think it took so long because she would antagonize him all day and run away and hiss at him. The training has really taught us how to keep him from chasing her.

He's gotten pretty big, I need to weigh him again but we're estimating 65lbs + (still thinks he is a lap dog though). If Bill and I are sitting on the couch he will find a way to squeeze in between us, maybe not squeeze but more or less push us out of the way.

Christmas was a riot with him! We got him five or six new toys and I had him "unwrap" one at a time. So, I called him over, helped him unwrap one toy, he'd get all excited and run away with it. The funny part was every time I called him over to unwrap another toy he didn't know what to do, he wanted to play with all the toys at once but his mouth just wasn't big enough to carry them, and he couldn't understand where all these great toys were coming from. He ended up laying down with all the toys around him, chewing on one and then another.

Well, I think that is all that is new with us over here.


Monday, February 22, 2010


Most of you do not know "Uncle Joe" so a quick introduction is in order. To the PAWS volunteers, Uncle Joe is a hero. He has fostered dog after dog for us - dogs that nobody else would take or consider - dogs that were in dire situations with nowhere to go. Dogs such as Cajun, Chief & Jill, Josie & Oreo (just to name a few) have romped happily at "the farm" under Joe's care.

Sadly, Uncle Joe was rushed to the hospital this morning suffering from symptoms of a heart attack. He had blockage in the main left artery, it was 100% blocked. The doctors had to insert a stent to open the artery.

One of his foster (now adopted) dogs was so upset when help arrived that he tried to get into the ambulance with Uncle Joe!

The good news is that the doctors expect Uncle Joe to make a full recovery. He will be in the hospital for a few more days.

Please keep Uncle Joe in your prayers. So many of our dogs depend on him. Foster dogs that are currently waiting for his return home include:

Thank you Uncle Joe for helping our forgotten pups - our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Another Happy Tail! Blackjack finally found his forever home today :) He explored his new home; played fetch in the enormous backyard with his new mom, Carol; enjoyed lots of belly rubs; and even met his new roomate Cecelia (he wasn't quite sure what to make of the talking bird!). Blackjack has it made now and will be able to roam the house and enjoy human companionship! Carol's sister Susie (who happens to be his vet too- quite the perk we know...) even bought him a dogbed to snooze on!

Blackjack's foster parents are just elated that he found such a wonderful home not far from them so they can even visit! We would love more happy tails like this one and could really use some more foster homes! Call Allison at 901-240-9848 or email us if you are interested in saving a precious life!


Oh sweet Percy! If you meet Percy, you can't help but love the boy! He is a special dog who deserves the best. As some of you may know, Percy was likely hit by a car a few months ago (either that or thown out according to the vet...urgh) where he sustained a head injury and a broken pelvis. This is also the likely cause of Percy's visual problems as well. He underwent femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery in September. In this surgery, the “ball” of the femur (large bone in the upper thigh) that normally fits in the socket of the pelvic bone is removed. The resulting false joint is supported by the large muscle mass around the hip. In this surgery, generally 70-80% return to normal function and a pain-free active life. X-rays revealed 2 bullets- 1 in his jaw and 1 in his hip! This cutie is a survivor!

Percy has completely healed from his surgery and runs around the yard prancing/jumping like deer! Percy does still have a visual impairment (more impaired in the left eye), but it does not hold him back at all. He is able to navigate his environment without much difficulty. However, he would do best in a home that has non-slick floors (or at least rugs) and where the furniture typically stays in the same place. He can navigate a few stairs, but a 2-story home would not be ideal for him due to safety (he tends to jump down and up stairs, skipping several at times).

Percy can get overstimulated/excited sometimes, particularly when he is ready to "play". He will sometimes nip at your legs in order to get you to play. For this reason, a home without small children would be best. He loves meeting new people and would probably like a calm and understanding doggy companion. Percy could be an only dog as long as his owner has time to spend with him. A fenced in yard is strongly preferred as well. Percy enjoys riding in the car, but needs someone to hold him or some type of restraint (he has trouble maintaining his balance/equilbrium and can lose his balance at slight changes in direction). Percy is a loving young boy (approximately 12-14 months old) who LOVES belly and chest rubs. He also enjoys tickle games where his foster daddy scratches and tickles him along his sides. Oh and ear rubs are great too!

What Percy really wants is a forever home where he can roam around the house as part of the family. In his current foster home, he is restricted to the kitchen and gets so excited when allowed to explore the rest of the home (they have several other fosters and personal dogs, so for his saftey, he stays in the kitchen). Percy naps on his blanket and has not had an accident inside except for twice when he first got to his foster home (his foster parents didn't know how to read his cues at the time, but now they do!).

A very special thanks to Diana who has been a fantastic support for Percy and many many others. She has graciously agreed to pay for Percy's outstanding medical bills so that we can continue to save lives! We cannot thank you enough for all of your are a Saint!

Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you'd like to know more about this precious boy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


HELP!!! We are desperate to find a foster home for 2 adult female labs and 2 chunky puppies ASAP. Long story...basically 2 adult lab sisters approximately 9 months old wandered up to a man's home in Hernando 3 weeks ago when it was freezing outside. The next day, one of the labs gave birth to 4 puppies (2 died). Unfortunately, the man who owns the home is NOT a dog person at all and has actually threatened to shoot all of them if no one comes to get them soon. His daughter is maintaining contact with one of our volunteers and has "bought some time" for us by taking pictures of them. However, they need to find a foster home(s) by this weekend. We have posted on several email groups and have asked everyone we know, but no one has stepped up to help.

The 2 adults are having to live outside in the cold. The man and his wife have agreed to let the puppies stay inside and they let the mama dog in to nurse. Although this is better than being outside, the puppies need be by her side as much as possible so they can bond with her appropriately.

The adults have had a round of shots and will get a booster soon. The mama lab (red collar) weighs 41 pounds and the sister weighs 50 pounds. Both are very light heartworm positive and are currently on heartworm preventative (will be treated if we can find a foster home). The puppies are 3 weeks old now (born Jan 28th) and weigh about 5 pounds each! Like most labs, the two sisters are SUPER friendly. We know that it is nearly impossible to find a foster home to take all of them, but this would be their dream (and ours). If they have to be split up, we completely understand. This is an urgent situation so please spread the word.

If you can help, please call Allison at 901-240-9848 immediately! Thanks to Karen, we have a vet willing to donate $500 worth of vetting once they get placed in a foster home! We also have a sponsor willing to donate up to $100 toward food for these babies- thanks so much Beth! We can probably loan a crate or two if needed as well so someone please provide a cozy indoor home for these babies!