Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's the latest from Brady & Brandy's new mom (who happens to be Jane's new foster mom too!).

"In September, we adopted Brady & Brandy from Arkansas who are the best dogs ever! Brady is our first ever male dog and I imagine he acts just like an active little boy -- about 5 years old! Brandy is much quieter and has had a few skin issues-- which are getting much better lately. You might think three dogs were plenty... but we decided that helping out Lucky Pup Rescue in Kennebunk was more important than our furniture. So, this past Saturday, Jane the Beagle (mix) came for an extended visit. We are actually her foster parents... and she is the sweetest dog imaginable. And, it's really OK that she and Brady act like crazy things and tear around the house. It gives Brandy a break.

Brooke (also pictured) is again in a snit over a new dog in the house. But, she'll get over it. It only took her two weeks to get used to Brandy and Brady... so we figure Jane will be fine in a week, tops. Eventually Brooke will be best friends with Jane. It's just a matter of time.

Thanks so much Sherry for helping out with yet another Marion pup!

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