Saturday, November 8, 2008


Poor Petey! Petey came to our shelter as a stray in April 2008...He was 6-8 months old. Nobody came looking for him and nobody stepped up to foster him when the shelter was full...Thanks to some generous doggie angels, funds were raised to board this boy temporarily until a foster home could be found. That was four months ago!!! Petey has been sitting in a small cage for four months...waiting patiently for someone to save him.

On top of everything else, Petey tested postive for heartworm. Once again, the doggie angels have stepped up financially and provided funds for treatment - but without a quiet, indoor foster home, Petey cannot be treated.

Hasn't Petey been waiting long enough? It is not humane to keep him locked up in a small cage, day after day, with little human interaction and exercise.

We are begging! This is a very sweet boy who needs some love and to experience life outside of a cage. We will pay for his medical needs and provide food, if some Bully lover in the Memphis area will give this boy the chance that he deserves. Anyone familiar with APBTs knows that they are not dogs that should be confined for long periods.

Click here to see more pictures of Petey

If you have room in your heart and in your home to foster Petey - Please contact:

Allison Tel: 901-240-9848
Joan Tel: 870-739-1145

Thank you for caring!

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