Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here's another update from the North! Sophia is now living in Boston (as you can see from the pictures from the Beach, apple picking, etc. .. she is one spoiled chick!).

"Sophie is doing wonderful, we are having so much fun with her. We are starting puppy class with her this week. She is a fast learner, we think it is going to be a lot of fun. Sophie energy level is great she loves to play but is a good sleeper too. Sometimes we have to wake her up in the morning in her create. She loves to sit of the back of our chair in the living room and watch the squirrels. Sometimes she goes a little crazy and runs from window to window chasing them. We are having a hard time finding a toy that lasts longer than 15mins. She loves to chew and has destroyed many toys. We will give her a new toy and 10 mins later she has a puff of stuffing in her mouth or a big piece of plastic. The good thing is that she has not chewed anything but her toys. She is so funny and constantly makes us laugh. We love her so much and are so happy to have her in our life. Andrea "

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