Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is from Allie's foster (well...soon to be adopter)- can you say spoiled???

" Allie is great & we adore her. She definitely has a lot of puppy in her but is learning. And hey, the kids are getting better about picking up their toys! Only a couple of accidents so far . . . she is really good. The e-fence is the best investment I think I've ever made . . . I'm SO glad we got it. She responds really well to it & is now able to run like a mad woman around the house wrestling and chasing Bruno.

She is growing . . . Seems bigger already. Still fabulous with the kids . . . extremely tolerant. Col holds her by the cheeks and gives her smooches on the "lips" and she loves it. She will let anyone take food right out of her mouth which is awesome, too.

Long story short, we love her; would love to keep her if that is possible. :) Just let me know what the next step will be. Angela"

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