Sunday, June 28, 2009


Another Rescue partner in Wisconsin came through too! Thank you Emily and Nicole for agreeing to help some more puppies! Doggy angels, Beth and Linda, drove to St. Louis to meet one of our volunteer's sister, Kelly, with 11 precious pups! A litter of 7 Jack Russell/Husky mixes, 2 Jack Russell Terrier mixes, a black lab puppy, and an adorable Australian Shepherd puppy were among the lucky ones! We cannot wait to find out where these cuties end up (most have applications pending already)!

There are at least 10 more puppies that desperately need to be fostered short-term (few weeks) so that they can be "rescued". Please contact Allison at 901-240-9848 if you can help! Lives can only be saved if we find doggy angels like you!


WOW...what can we say. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to our Rescue partner in Maine! Thanks to Janet, Sue, Jen, Jess, and Mary, 28 puppies and 8 adult pups arrived safely in Maine this morning. These ladies drove non-stop to save our sweeties! We are so grateful to everyone who made this possible. The lucky adults included Hunter, Bagel, Terrence, Hank, Ned, Lauren, Maya, and Ewing! We will post updates if/when we receive them.


We are thrilled to report that Beasley, the world's sweetest Beagle boy, has also found a terrific home! Beasley was living in the vet clinic alongside Gibson. He had just finished up heartworm treatment when Donna inquired about adopting him.

We would love to adopt Beasley. Brief history: I had a wonderful Beagle named Cooter. My dad lives across the street from me. Cooter was really his dog. My dad is totally disabled from a airplane crash in 1975. He saw Beasley picture and fell in love with him. We lost Cooter in Febuary and it has been really hard. I have a fenced in area. I have taken in two other dogs that have had to go through heartworm treatment. Please help us get Beasley we would give him a wonderful home!

We contacted Donna's vet who told us that he did not even have to look up her records - because she is the best dog mom in the world!

PAWS volunteer, Lisa, picked up Beasley on Saturday and drove out to Donna's house. Beasley took to the whole family immediately. He now spends his time in between Donna's house and her parents' home while Donna is at work (they live across the street). Beasley is never alone and recieving lots of love.

Below are some pictures of Beasley with his new family. Thank you Donna for adopting Beasley! He sure looks happy!


Sweet Gibson has been waiting for a long time for his perfect forever home. It makes us so happy when one of our longterm residents finds a great family. This poor boy has spent months living in a small cage at the vet's office with very little interest - or the wrong kind of interest. Finally, Gibson's doggie angels appeared.

Lisa drove all the way from Kentucky with her American Bulldog, Buddy, to meet Gibson. We were not sure after so much time in a kennel how Gibson would react to another male dog. Lisa was very patient - and spent several hours letting Gibson and Buddy interact - to make sure that the fit was right.

Gibson is now living happily inside the home with Buddy. He was a little skiddish with Chris, his new Dad, but has warmed up to him as well. Here are some pictures and an update from Gibson's new family.

Just wanting to update you and let you know that Gibson is adjusting very well. Gibson loves to play ball. He and Buddy are very playful together, and he has warmed up to Chris. He loves to be by your side and lay on the couch relax. He has not been in the kennel at all, we are able to leave them out when we leave and he sleeps on the floor by the bed. He does awsome with the kids. He is a very sweet boy and I am so happy that everything is going well.

Thank you Chris and Lisa for giving Gibson a chance at the life he deserves!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Our northern doggy angels are coming through yet again!!! Members of one of our rescue partners are coming down for a visit next week and will not leave empty handed! It's a dog and puppy run of sorts as well as a chance for some of us to meet the doggy angels in person.

More good news...our new doggy angel friends in Wisconsin are meeting one of our volunteers in St. Louis for another puppy run next week. Not long ago, they rescued 25 puppies/dogs and all but one have been adopted already!

We are so grateful to both of our rescue partners for all of their help! We hope to post updates with pictures soon!

Just a reminder that none of this is possible without foster families. Please...summer is a particularly difficult time to find foster homes due to vacations, etc. We desperately need more short-term foster homes for our pups. If you are interested, please call Allison at 901-240-9848 and we will email you a foster application.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Morris is another adorable Pittie who has been with us since JANUARY with no interest. We do not understand why - he is such a sweetheart! Morris is young (maybe 1-2 years) and a nice medium-sized pup. He is playful and fun - He had a blast in the yard with a bone that he discovered. He carried it around in his mouth proudly for all of the pictures taking as if to say "look what I found!"

We have tested him with both male and female dogs - he seems to do well with both!

Poor Moris has been living in a small cage at the vet clinic for 6 months! This is no way for a young, active pup to live. He needs to be out of the vet clinic by the end of June. Please Please consider fostering Morris. Contact:, or call Lisa: 901-826-0292.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Poor Terrence has been sitting in a small cage at the vet clinic since January - waiting from someone to see what a wonderful dog he is.

Terrence came to us from a street corner in Memphis where he was seen daily - begging for food. He belonged to a family that moved and left him behind. Terrence stayed and waited for them to return - but would go out on walks every day to the street corner, to find scraps of food. Kind people started feeding Terrence - so he kept returning to his street corner every day and going back home to wait for his family at night. He would never let himself be caught though. One day, Terrence decided he had enough and let a nice lady catch him and she brought him to us. Terrence is about 1 year old and just the sweetest boy.


He was underweight, bow legged and very funny looking when he arrived. Good nutrition has made a world of difference for this boy. He looks like a completely different dog (see after pictures below)!

Terrence URGENTLY needs a foster home. He can only stay at the vet clinic until the end of June. Terrence has been going home with on of the clinic employees on weekends - who reports that he is good with other dogs and cats. If you can open your home and heart to Terrence, please contact or call Lisa, 901-826-0292.


Saturday, June 13, 2009


We couldn't get pictures of everyone, but Bo, Eileen, Trevor, and 6 other puppies left on Thursday to go North! These lucky pups arrived safely today and are on their way to forever homes! Thanks so much Janet for saving them and Karen with Port-a-Pups Transport for giving them a ride!