Sunday, August 30, 2009


Meet Chloe & Mandy...two young girls who we believe to be sisters ... that need your help!

Chloe and Mandy showed up as strays at a woman's house. Two more throw away dogs. The woman who found them called us for help - how could we turn away these two beautiful, happy girls?

Chloe immediately gave birth to a litter of puppies. Mandy followed with her litter - shortly thereafter...two, young sisters are mothers together...They have both been good mommas, nursing and keeping their puppies clean.

Luckily, a rescue group has stepped up to take the pups once they are old enough...but we need your help in order to get Chloe and Mandy onto the new lives they both deserve.

Unfortunately, both Chloe and Mandy have tested postive for Heartworm (these two seem to do everything together). Estimated treatment costs are $300/dog. We cannot send them to rescue until they have undergone treatment. Please consider donating $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 towards their treatment.

Chloe and Mandy are both in a temporary foster home - but they are living outside. In addition to sponsorship funds to pay for their treatment - they also are looking for an indoor foster home where they can undergo treatment once the funds have been raised.

Can you help? If you have room in your heart and home to foster these beautiful girls, please contact: Lisa, 901-826-0292, or email Thank you for caring!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sweet Josie is another one of our longterm residents...She was turned over to us with her "sister" Oreo in July 2008.

They were turned in by their owner who could no longer afford to care for them. After spending too much time in the shelter, Josie ran out of time - Josie was then moved to a foster home where she lived outside with a bunch of other dogs. Not much of a life for an older girl who was used to living inside the home.

There she waited for months and months for someone to take interest in her, but nobody did.

A recent trip to the vet revealed two health issues. Josie has a hematoma in one ear that has been drained, but may need surgery to repair. She also tested positive for heartworm.

Thankfully - Josie has some doggie angels looking out for her! Volunteers, Lisa and Leanne have taken her home to foster - so she is now living happily inside with air conditioning and other dogs.

Additionally - one of our wonderful supporters donated the funds to cover Josie's Heartworm treatment (thank you Nancy!)!

Josie has started treatment and is recovering nicely. She is such a sweet girl and would make a wonderful companion for a retiree. She walks well on leash and is pretty much a couch potato!

Please consdier giving Josie a couch to call her own...Contact for an adoption application.

If you have been touched by Josie's story - please consider fostering, adopting or sponsoring (paypal email: one of our long term residents. Without your help - dogs like Josie do not have a chance at finding love.



Look at those gorgeous eyes! Sweet Bella is a young (7-8 month) girl who was rescued by a good samaritan.
Poor Bella was found wandering around in the middle of a busy street in Memphis - another sweet pup thrown out to fend for herself. Her rescuer tried to find her owners - but to no avail.

Now Bella is looking for a forever home to call her own. As you can see - Bella is a stunning girl with gorgeous eyes and a beautiful red coat. She only weigh about 40 lbs.

Bella gets along well with other dogs and should be fine with children over the age of 5.
This is what Bella's rescuer sent in about her:

I found her on Jackson Ave. in Memphis in the middle of the street. She is good with other dogs, she doesn't really know what cats are so I would not put her in a home with cats. She is a sweet dog that just needs a chance as you know all these helpless animals do.She has learned to shake,and I'm working on her sitting,and not jumping.

Bella is spayed and has tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm!

If you have love in your heart and room in your home for Bella - please contact for an adoption application.


It is especially rewarding for us when one of our longterm residents finds his/her way to a new life. Yesterday - we were lucky to have TWO of our adult dogs head off to rescue - Mindy and Sadie.

Mindy, is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, has been with us since she was a pup - her brother, Mork, was adopted months ago leaving Mindy behind. Mindy has been with us for over a year. We were beginning to wonder if anyone would ever see what a special girl Mindy is - Thankfully someone finally did!

Sadie, a gorgeous Yellow Lab with hip dysplasia in both hips. She was abandoned at our vet's office where she has been living in a small cage on a hard floor for almost a year. We could not even find anyone to foster this girl until a few months ago.

We are so happy that these girls finally have the chance to find the lives and families they deserve. Good luck Mindy and Sadie - safe travels!

Mindy & Sadie leaving for rescue

Friday, August 21, 2009


Sweet Lexi is currently on her way North to her forever home! Thanks to Maria, her foster mom, she had the opportunity of a lifetime! The "H" puppies, Mindy, and Sadie were the other lucky ones who joined the ride North. Please save a life- foster a dog in need!


HELP I NEED A FOSTER HOME ASAP! My name is Jax (well at least that's what it is for now- the nice vet named me). My owner could no longer keep me so I was left tied at a vet clinic. I am such a wonderful young boy- I'm only about 6-7 months. I am trying to play with someone here, but they told me they don't have time for any of that. I tried to play with a cute Yorkie before I was taken away to "the cage". Then, when they took pictures of me, I tried to play with that enormous brown dog, but for some reason, he wouldn't stop eating grass to play with me!

Anyway, if you know my breed at all (I'm part Border Collie they say), you know I should be running around, not locked in a cage 24 hours a day. The vet has begged and begged for someone to take me home temporarily while they search for a forever home for me, but no one has stepped up. I am heartworm negative and just had a shot yesterday! I love to lean on you for some lovin'. You can see I'm in good shape too! Won't someone PLEASE help me- I'm going crazy in the cage (well not really, but I really really really don't like it- I tried to jump in the girl's lap!). I'm just a young boy who wants to romp and play. Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you can help me. I'm begging for mercy here...just for a few weeks even!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ivy before rescue

While we are on the topic of miraculous recoveries - here is the latest update on Ivy from her adoptive family. We just cannot believe these pictures - especially knowing how badly injured Ivy's legs were when she came to us.

This is just another example of how love and a wonderful home can change the life of a damaged, neglected pup. Yey for IVY!

Ivy continues to do well. She's so great, you were right! I've been walking her with a "gentle lead" and she is doing great with that. I tend to take her for long walks so she does get tired but she's up to about 3-4 miles in the mornings with me!

We have been experimenting with her off leash in our yard. Of course, she often wanders to a neighbor's yard or chases down a cat or critter, but for the most part she stays around. We shake a can of treats and she comes running! We've also left her in the house for a couple of hours here and there. She stays in the mud room if it's longer. She seems okay. Just a chewed on a guitar pick, is all we've noticed.

She doesn't like the rain or the heat, so it's tough getting her outside under those conditions. But we try to play inside when it rains. She'd just as soon sleep when its above 75! She's definitely an early to bed, early to rise dog. She's down for the count around 8:00 pm and up for the day around 5:30 am. She's getting us up later in the am, though and she's good about going back to her bed when we're not quite ready. She sleeps in Megan's room.

One last thing. She is such a sweetie, she always gives each of us a a good night snort or lick before she settles down to bed. (or to wake us up in the morning!)

That's all for now!

Look at those gorgeous legs!
If you have been touched by Ivy' s story - please consider fostering, adopting or sponsoring (paypal email: one of our long term residents. Without your help - dogs like Ivy do not have a chance at finding love.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Millie before rescue

Check out Miss Millie! This little girl was with us for months and months trying to get well enough to go to a home. She came to us underweight, malnourished and with two different types of Mange. She was such a sad looking little puppy. No matter what we tried - dips and treatments, antibiotics, high-quality food, shampoos - poor Millie just would not rebound.

Finally - we sent her rescue where she was placed in a wonderful foster home (that has since turned into an adoptive home). Millie flourished with love, more medical care and one-on -one attention. It just took a few weeks for her to look like a brand new dog!
Apparently all she needed to recover was a loving forever home!

Thank you so much to Cynthia for taking such good care of Millie and for giving her the life she deserves! What a difference a good home can make in a dog's life!

Millie today!

If you have been touched by Millie's story - please consider fostering, adopting or sponsoring (paypal email: one of our long term residents. Without your help - dogs like Millie do not have a chance at finding love.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Poor little Sunny was abandoned in a crate with no water or food 5 days ago. As you can imagine she was in pitiful shape (coughing, open sores under her eyes from drainage, extremely skinny...obviously neglected). This little girl could barely walk the first day (her back legs seemed so weak- probably from being in a crate for an extended period of time). We have no idea how anyone could let a puppy get to this condition.

Sunny has ear infections in both ears, eye infections, and an upper respiratory infection. She will need basic vetting (i.e., routine vaccinations, heartworm preventative, spayed eventually, etc). She is just a baby around 16 weeks old. Sunny could really use some kind souls to help with her medical care. Donations can be made via Paypal from her Petfinder profile or via check (PAWS at P.O. Box 584 Marion, Arkansas 72364). Be sure to write who the donation is for (it's completely tax deductible too!). Her profile is

Sunny's foster parents are amazed at how sweet she is (she follows them everywhere). Poor baby had to be bathed several times because she was covered in urine. She is eating great (which is a good sign) and already looks 100 times better. Sunny is already learning to play with toys! We will post new pictures of her soon.


Lexi is one of the lucky pups that will make her way north this week. Pictured below is Lexi with her foster mommy, Maria. She has played an integral part in Lexi's "rescue" and we love her for that. She even went a step further and held a fundraiser at her work.

Maria worked for over a week in her free time making lumpia (a delicious Filipino recipe similar to an egg roll/spring roll- and delicious doesn't even come close to describing how wonderful they were!). Maria (with some help from her friends Lori, Carrie, and Wendy) hand rolled 700 of these things...yes we said 700!!! That is a testament to how wonderful her culinary skills are! Maria's mother (also named Maria) helped by donating some of the ingredients as well!

We cannot thank you all enough for your time and dedication. Thanks to you, several dogs will receive the medical care they need!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


MOLLY is a 4 year old Rottie that was rescued by a good samaritan who stopped when she saw her wandering around, underweight, hungry and lost in Red Banks.
Molly is the sweetest, most gentle soul. She gets along well with other dogs and humans. Sadly, Molly has tested positive for Heartworm.

Her rescuer has offered to pay for her treatment, but Molly needs a loving, quiet, indoor foster home to go to in order to be treated (6 week commitment).

This is such a beautiful dog inside and out, please help her to find her way to the life she deserves.

This is what Molly's rescuer has to say about her:
I can't get over the difference a week has made in Molly's life. It is obvious that she has never experienced grass under her feet, she walked well for me today on the leash and showed no fear whatsoever of the grass now. For the 2 days I kept her over the weekend, I had to coax her into the grass with treats, then she was out again or else would freeze and refuse to walk. She even rolled around in it when we first made it to the field today and then asked for belly rubs, which I delightfully gave her.

Rottie lovers - we need your help! If you can open your home and heart to foster Molly, please contact or call Allison - 901-240-9848. Thank you for caring!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We have yet another success story! This one is particularly gratifying as it involves Mack - a Little Pittie mix boy.

We love and respect the Bullies - and work very hard to place them in good, loving homes. As every rescuer will tell you - Pit Bulls take more effort to place because of the mis-information published about them and the bad reputation irresponsible humans have given this wonderful breed.

Anyway - here is the update on Mack - who is also enjoying the natural wonders of Maine! We could not be happier for him!

Thanks so much for checking on Mack. He has turned out to be my new best friend - good thing I met my husband first else he'd be out!!

Mack is doing great, he just got home from doggy daycare at the Country Kennel up here in Bangor. He loves getting to see all his buddies and comes home exhausted! We are doing doggy obedience classes there as well, and, I may be a proud parent, but I think Mack is the star of the class!

Attached are some pictures I took recently - most are of Mack at our camp on Parks Pond in Clifton. He is not a water dog, still have not gotten him in the water despite having my friends border collie there who loved the water.

However he does love the boat and you will see in the pics he and his friend Jolie ready to shove off! Also he loves to hike. My friend Susan, Mack, her dog Jolie and I hiked Chick Hill, the view from the top was foggy but he loved every minute of it. We climbed Bubble Rock in Bar Harbor two weeks ago and again, could not wear him out!!

I'm having a blast with this dog!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone foster some puppies! Here is another group in need. These adorable puppies are around 3 1/2- 4 months old. Pictured below are Heaven (pink bandana in first few pics); Hendrix (black & tan with clover bandana); Hannah (multi-colored southwestern bandana); Holden (brown/chocolate with hazel eyes); and Halle (mostly black face with pink frog bandana).

These puppies desperately need to be in foster homes where they can romp and play in the yard so that they can build muscle tone and just enjoy being puppies. If you can foster any or all of them, please call Joan at 870-739-1145 or Allison at 901-240-9848. We do not expect that they will need to be fostered for a long period at all so please consider saving a life!