Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ladybird is one lucky girl! Bobbie (Silverwalk Hound Dog Sanctuary; drove from Cape Girardeau to Hayti, Missouri, on Saturday to meet one of our volunteers in order to foster her. She is in wonderful hands with this angel. Bobbie has fostered many of our Hound pups in the past (in fact, she still has our sweet Oxford and Scout). Ladybird is still available for adoption. She would absolutely love a quiet, stable home life. The vet thinks she is about 4-5 years old, so she is ready to curl up on a cozy dog bed! Ladybird will work on socialization while with Bobbie as well as hang out with her pack of mostly hounds :) Feel free to call or email if you have any questions about this beautiful girl. This is the latest from Bobbie:

"Here is more WOW - she is very communicative: she often wants me to go outside. She will stand and watch me. I then said something to her, she twisted her head to listen, then hopped around, going to the steps and back towards me till I followed her outside. She didn't seem to want me to DO anything, just be w/her :). She gave me a play bow this afternoon in the house. I gave each dog a treat in the pack this evening, trying to teach them to wait their turn and remind them, no sit, no treat. She was watching - took her a bit to get a sit; I had to touch her butt but the second time, she went right down after watching another dog sit and get treated. This is a lovely, very intelligent dog whom I LOVE."

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