Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We just wanted to thank everyone for following this special blog. Some of PAWS' previous members have decided to pursue other avenues, therefore, we will no longer be posting to this blog.

If you are looking for PAWS' Adoptable dogs, you can view their blog at www.pawofmarion.blogspot.com.

Other members have started another blog of interest: www.woofconnections.blogspot.com (not affliated with PAWS). They too will be working to place homeless pups and would LOVE some volunteers!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Many of you have been asking about Scout's status and we finally have some news to share.

Scout is now back in our rescue after two years and is settling in very well! He is sharing a foster home with many other dogs of all shapes, sizes and sex - and seems to get along with all. Scout also appears to be house trained and a very loving boy.

Below are some new pictures and update from one of Scout's foster moms.

Here are a couple pics of Scout. He is doing great! He even tried to play today.

He enjoys going for walks, he gets scared sometimes at loud noises but other than that he enjoys his walks.

He is getting along well with the 12 adult dogs here. He has not really interacted with the four puppies yet as the pups are outside most of the day.

He is such a sweet dog who just wants to be loved, he loves to give kisses. He will make someone a wonderful companion!

A big "thank you" to Lisa and Leanne for taking this boy in when you are already overflowing with the four legged friends. Thanks also to Bobbie for keeping him safe for the last few years.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Ling Ling on "her" sofa

We love to receive updates on our rescue dogs from their adoptive families! Below is a terrific update on Ling Ling - a Shar Pei mix that was slated for euthanasia at our local shelter over a year ago for "cage aggression."

Ling Ling is now living the life of a queen - and obviously is not a danger to society!

I know you guys are so busy you may not remember a pei mix girl you adopted out a while back.

I just wanted to let you know that she is the best dog anyone could ask for.
She was being housed by a shelter and they were going to euthanize her because of cage aggression. We have yet to see any sign of aggression, I guess she was just terrified.

I have not gotten a chance to thank you for saving her and giving her another chance.

I have had rescue dogs in the past and found that they usually come with problems of some kind that have to be resolved. She has not caused us any trouble at all since she came to our home.

My husband re-named her Chippy. She goes running with him for his ongoing job training as a firefighter all of the time. She plays so well with my 18 month old, they do tug of war. She growls and jumps and makes it look like she is trying so hard but barely pulls and lets him win every time. Her name was his third word.

My niece and nephew dress her up like a doll and she loves the attention. She has trained so easily and can do tons of useful things, like pick up objects and hand them to me.

Ling Ling playing "dress-up"

She has her own giant bed, but uses it for toy storage and refuses to sleep anywhere but HER sofa.

Everywhere we take her people remark on what a good dog she is. They are always surprised to hear she is a shelter dog.

Thank you so much for everything you do, please don't stop saving these awesome dogs like our Chippy!


Thank you Lily for giving Ling Ling (aka "Chippy") a chance at the life she deserves. She looks awfully happy!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Penny, Polly, and Phoebe waiting for the transport

Thursdays are the best days of the week for us - because it is transport day! The day all of our volunteer efforts pay back.

Almost every Thursday we have the honor to bring some of our rescued and rehabilitated dogs to the transport pick up location. From there they spend several hard long days making the trip to rescue groups in New England where there are loving foster and adoptive families waiting to receive our chosen pups!

So many hours and funds are sunk into turning a malnourished, once unloved dog into and adoptable family member. Sometimes it seems to others that we are crazy people working on a task that cannot be completed!

And then comes transport day:) We are reminded that there is a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel - at least for a few lucky pups....

This past Thursday - three Lab mix pups, Penny, Polly & Phoebe, left for their new lives. You can see what gorgeous girls they turned out to be! If it were not for the efforts of PAWS volunteers and foster parents, Lisa and Leanne, the girls would not have survived to see this day. A BIG "thank you" to Uncle Joe for saving these girls from their former life and bringing them to PAWS.

Happy trails girls!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As some of you know - we have spent a great deal of time begging and pleading for help with Callie and Charlie - two wonderful Chocolate Labs that have been waiting for many many months for a foster home that could take them through Heartworm treatment.

Sometimes it feels like nobody is out there listening - or that the world has become annoyed with our constant begging in the name of the dogs - and then - out of the blue - comes a miracle - that shows that indeed SOMEONE is listening.

The miracle of the moment is that Callie and Charlie have not found a foster home but have found a FOREVER home! With a family that is willing and able to take them through heartworm treatment.

The dynamic duo went to their new home on Saturday. Here is a picture of them enjoying the new digs!

Thank YOU for rescuing them and helping them find a home. We love them! I've got only one picture so far, but I'll send more when they are through their treatments and frolicking outside again. Keep up your great work.

Thank you to Jennifer and Bernard for giving these two pups the life they deserve! And thank you to Terri for being patient and keeping our pups safe.

Friday, April 30, 2010


FIVE more lucky pups headed off to new lives and new adventures yesterday. On the freedom train were Amy, Davey (brother to Goliath who left earlier this month), Pepe, and two pups (Trey & Bear).

This is truly a team effort - that could not be possible without our rescue partners, foster homes, sponsors and our hard core volunteers. Please consider helping us to save more dogs, by fostering a dog in danger or sponsoring a dog's veterinary care.

Amy is ready for a roadtrip!

Davey cannot wait to see his brother, Golliath!

Pepe...what a cutie!

Bear and Trey aren't too sure about all of this...


This week - to lift our spirits - we recieved the below pictures from a doggie angel who adopted not one - but TWO - of our pups!

Pictured below are Millie - who came to us in terrible shape and took months to rehabilitate - and Danielle, one of a litter of abandoned Border Collie pups.

They certainly look happy digging a hole to China in their new backyard!

Millie and Danielle's new mom sent the following caption which says it all:

How smart was I to get a white dog?????

Happy digging girls!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweet Scout Need a Foster Home! Please Help!

Scout came to PAWS several years ago after being picked up as a stray by our local shelter - he was emaciated and scared. He was wearing a hunting collar - but obviously not successful as a hunting dog.

He was taken in by a wonderful hound sanctuary where he was nursed back to health, attended basic obedience classes to build his confidence and learned to live inside the home as part of the family.

Scout shares his life at the sanctuary with many other dogs. Recently a new male dog joined the pack - and for some reason - he and Scout do not see eye-to-eye.

The Sanctuary - considering the best interest if its pack - has requested that we take Scout back into our rescue - the other option being euthanasia.

Scout is a wonderful boy who has lived peacefully with multiple dogs for over 2 years now. Please help us to help him - by fostering him until he can be placed through rescue.

Scout will need a foster home that will allow him to live inside as part of the family and one that has a fenced in yard.

Scout is crate trained, neutered, heartworm negative and up-to-date on vaccinations.
If you can help this gorgeous hound find his way to a new beginning - please contact Lisa at 901-826-0292 or visit
to complete a foster application.

Scout & Fred

I am one gorgeous hound boy!

Thank you for caring about Scout!

Friday, April 23, 2010


More of our pups headed off to rescue yesterday - thanks to the wonderful service provided by Pam & Kyle Peterson - http://www.petsllc.net/. Without transporters like them - so many pups would be left without a chance at a new beginning.

On their way to freedom and loving homes this week were 4 puppies (Toby, Tommy, Tanner & Tracie) and 3 adult dogs including Smiley - who has been stuck in boarding alongside Bruno for way too many months to count - a gorgeous Black Lab named Scooter who was an owner surrender, and a mixed breed pup named Gage who came to us after being runover by a car.

Smiley headed for rescue after an eternity in boarding!

Yey - I am out of my cage and on my way to a new home!

Sweet Scooter on his way to a new beginning - he sure looks happy!

Gage - what a cutie! He is going to make someone a great companion!

I am so cute!
A big "thank you" to Leanne for running around like a crazy person to get these guys ready for and onto transport. You are the best!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


We had a few lucky pups head off to rescue this past week! Several that have been with us for quite sometime.

Whitey - a sweet, adult Pittie boy, who has been in boarding for months and months - was one of the chosen pups. He has been so patient waiting for his chance to shine. He arrived in rescue yesterday after a long transport. His rescue reports that he is the nicest boy who was completely unphased by the long transport and months in a cage. Thanks to the folks at Northgate who took such good care of him.

Leah also finally got her chance at a new beginning! For such a young, sweet thing - she has been waiting way too long. Thank you to Cissy and Susan for fostering her and for taking care of her through Heartworm treatment. You guys rock!

A few last minute additions, Bella (Cocker girl) and Golliath (Pointer mix) were also sent to rescue after being saved from the local shelter.

Thank you to everyone who helped save these precious pups! We look forward to updates from their new families.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Charlie and Callie are two gorgeous, young Chocolate Labs, who came to us after being thown out of a car.

They were being fostered at Joan's house. When Joan went into the hospital, Charlie and Callie went to a temporary foster home that could keep them for a few weeks.

We did not see this as a problem, as both dogs had a rescue to take them and also a prospective adoptive home.

We have since discovered that Charlie and Callie are positive for heartworm (light positive).
So - we need a new, longer term foster for these two that can hold them through treatment (6 weeks) - or a rescue that can take them as is and treat them upon intake.

Callie and Charlie are really nice dogs who get along well with others. They deserve a chance to enjoy their lives as part of a loving family. All they need is a foster to take them through treatment.

If you can help these two sweet pups - please contact: Lisa at 901-826-0292 or email us at marionangels@yahoo.com.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Here is an update of one of PAWS' lucky dogs, Prince (now Chance).

"Here is a new picture of Chance. We are happy, happy that we adopted him. He has been the best thing to happen to us in a long time. He is healthy now and heart- worm free. We LOVE him alot."

"Here is a picture of Porita. She is Chance's new sister. We were so happy that we adopted Chance that we rescued her, too. Just wish the world could adopt all of the strays because the world would be a better place. They give so much love!"
Aprile and Rick

Thank you so much Aprile and Rick for providing such a wonderful and loving home to Chance!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Here is an update from the wonderful family that adopted our long-termers, Kade and Kiani. We are so fortunate to have found such a loving home for these two (and together!).

"Kade and Kiani are so much a part of this family that we cannot imagine life without them. My daughter asked me the other day how long I thought they would live and I told her I didn't want to talk about it because I didn't want to think about them dying. They are a part of our family and we love them dearly!!!!!! Thank you for rescuing them and allow them to be part of "us" like I think they were meant to be." Amber and Aaron

This is Kiani on her way home! She still peeks over Amber's shoulder!


What a tough life don't you think!

YEAH...Daddy's home!

Kade watching tv with his 2-legged sis!

What is mom cooking?

Shhhh...daddy doesn't know! I'm keeping his spot warm!

Couldn't be happier!


Great news for sweet Chewy - who was featured last week on this Blog. Chewy was pulled from our local shelter when he was scheduled for euthanasia - However the volunteer who saved his life did so without having a place for Chewy to go...

Thank goodness our pleas for help were answered by a wonderful family who drove to Marion over the weekend to adopt Chewy. Not only did they leave with Chewy in tow - but they also saved ANOTHER Pittie named Bayou who was out of time at our local shelter.

These two pups have hit the jackpot as far as families go. We could not be happier for them! Below are some pictures of Chewy and Bayou with their new family and update from their dad.

We made it home safe and sound. We have finished the introductions and everyone is getting along great. Lots of butt sniffing, curiousity, and playing. We decided to rename Chewy to Bullet because he runs so fast and my son really really really wanted to rename Bayou, we allowed it and he chose Sniper to be the lil ones new name. I'll stay in touch from time to time with emails and pictures of everybody as they grow up. We enjoyed visiting with y'all. Please know all your animals are in our hearts and prayers. It pains my heart to know how many dogs are euthanized each month, I guess there must be a lot of dogs in heaven.


Jeremy, Leslie, Noah and Ethan

Bayou/Sniper gettin' some love

Chewy snuggling with his human:)

Chewy/Bullet and his new brothers

The whole pack!

Chewy/Bullet & Bayou/Sniper (red)

Bayou/Sniper being used as a Pillow...

This placement is the perfect example of what wonderful family dogs Pit Bulls can be. Please consider adopting one or two to be a part of your family - you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


"A" Pup - Angela

We recently took in a litter of 7 puppies now known as the "A" puppies, that had been abandoned in a woman's yard.

These poor pups came to us malnourished, full or parasites and unvaccinated. Answering the plea for help - PAWS volunteers, Lisa and Leanne took the pups home - de-wormed, vaccinated and put these pups on a high-quality diet to get them going in the right direction.

They also found a rescue willing to take the whole litter once they were healthy and had a few more rounds of puppy shots. Things were looking up for these abandoned pups!

Thursday night one of the seven puppies was lethargic and in severe respiratory distress. Lisa and Leanne took the pup to the vet where it received fluids and antibiotics. Unfortunately, the little pup was too far gone and died in Lisa's arms on Friday morning.

Only one of the remaining six puppies showed signs of illness - but a few more were exhibiting loose stools - so Lisa and Leanne took all six to the vet yesterday where they all tested positive for the deadly Parvo virus. The vet kept all of the pups at the clinic and started treatment immediately.

We received news this morning that another one of the pups died overnight. This is heartbreaking news for us.

The good news is the remaining five "A" pups are showing signs of recovery - they were making noise and wagging their tails this morning!

The surviving pups have to spend 5 days at the vet clinic at the cost of $45 per pup per day. That comes out to be $225/per day for the remaining pups or a total of $1125!

We just do not have the funds to cover that expense. We urgently need your help in covering the medical expenses to save the remaining 5 "A" puppies. Please help by donating to their care today! These puppies deserve a chance at a new beginning.

Donations via mail can be sent to:
People for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
P.O. Box 584
Marion, AR 72364

"A" Pup - Aaron