Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sweet Josie is another one of our longterm residents...She was turned over to us with her "sister" Oreo in July 2008.

They were turned in by their owner who could no longer afford to care for them. After spending too much time in the shelter, Josie ran out of time - Josie was then moved to a foster home where she lived outside with a bunch of other dogs. Not much of a life for an older girl who was used to living inside the home.

There she waited for months and months for someone to take interest in her, but nobody did.

A recent trip to the vet revealed two health issues. Josie has a hematoma in one ear that has been drained, but may need surgery to repair. She also tested positive for heartworm.

Thankfully - Josie has some doggie angels looking out for her! Volunteers, Lisa and Leanne have taken her home to foster - so she is now living happily inside with air conditioning and other dogs.

Additionally - one of our wonderful supporters donated the funds to cover Josie's Heartworm treatment (thank you Nancy!)!

Josie has started treatment and is recovering nicely. She is such a sweet girl and would make a wonderful companion for a retiree. She walks well on leash and is pretty much a couch potato!

Please consdier giving Josie a couch to call her own...Contact for an adoption application.

If you have been touched by Josie's story - please consider fostering, adopting or sponsoring (paypal email: one of our long term residents. Without your help - dogs like Josie do not have a chance at finding love.

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