Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Millie before rescue

Check out Miss Millie! This little girl was with us for months and months trying to get well enough to go to a home. She came to us underweight, malnourished and with two different types of Mange. She was such a sad looking little puppy. No matter what we tried - dips and treatments, antibiotics, high-quality food, shampoos - poor Millie just would not rebound.

Finally - we sent her rescue where she was placed in a wonderful foster home (that has since turned into an adoptive home). Millie flourished with love, more medical care and one-on -one attention. It just took a few weeks for her to look like a brand new dog!
Apparently all she needed to recover was a loving forever home!

Thank you so much to Cynthia for taking such good care of Millie and for giving her the life she deserves! What a difference a good home can make in a dog's life!

Millie today!

If you have been touched by Millie's story - please consider fostering, adopting or sponsoring (paypal email: one of our long term residents. Without your help - dogs like Millie do not have a chance at finding love.

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