Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We received the below update on sweet Lauren - a Senior Black Lab mix who headed to New England on the Freedom train:) Lauren has found the most wonderful home - She lives on the coast in Maine. We are just thrilled for her - as black dogs, especially senior black dogs - have such a hard time finding homes locally.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored Lauren and to Leanne and Lisa for fostering her through Heartworm treatment. It does take a village...

Lauren enjoying the Maine Coast - Can she see Dallas from her perch?

I’ve been meaning to update you on Lauren and finally got a moment to sit at my computer.

She is an absolute gem…we just got back from our 4th of July family reunion down at goose rocks beach and she is sleeping peacefully at my feet. She is fitting in so well with our family-they have all met her at this point-my sons adore her…my sister and her family love her as do my brother Bob and Jenne, and now all the cousins and extended family have met and fallen in love with her.

Her amazing eyes go right into your soul when she looks at you…we have really bonded in the few short days we have spent together.

We are headed out to goat island for the night and hopefully soon for the rest of the summer…I can’t wait to see her reaction to her first boat ride. It is so fun taking her to the beach and watching her try to figure out what the waves are. I’m not going to let her run for another week to get her heart stronger after her treatment, but we are taking a couple of long walks a day to get her muscle tone up for next Saturday when I will let her run on the island.

Thank you so much for allowing Lauren to bless our lives-she is a true gift. I promise to make the rest of her days the happiest she has ever known.

- Karen.

Thank you Karen for loving Lauren as much as we do! Can you adopt us too?

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