Sunday, July 12, 2009


Sweet Josie is one of our longterm residents...She came to us in July 2008 along with her "sister" Oreo.

They were turned in by their owner who could no longer afford to care for them.After spending too much time in the shelter, Josie ran out of time - Josie was then moved to a foster home where she lived outside with a bunch of other dogs.

There she has waited for months and months for someone to take interest in her, but nobody has.A recent trip to the vet revealed two health issues that Josie needs to address. Josie has a hematoma in one ear that has been drained, but may need surgery to repair. She also has tested positive for heartworm.

The good news for Josie is that she is now living inside in a new foster home, enjoying life on the couch and in the air conditioning!

We need your help though to cover her medical needs. Heartworm treatment for Josie will cost $235.00. Her ear hematoma expense is $139.00

This is a sweet, mellow girl who gets along with dogs and children. Please help us to help her find a forever home.

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