Monday, August 10, 2009


We have yet another success story! This one is particularly gratifying as it involves Mack - a Little Pittie mix boy.

We love and respect the Bullies - and work very hard to place them in good, loving homes. As every rescuer will tell you - Pit Bulls take more effort to place because of the mis-information published about them and the bad reputation irresponsible humans have given this wonderful breed.

Anyway - here is the update on Mack - who is also enjoying the natural wonders of Maine! We could not be happier for him!

Thanks so much for checking on Mack. He has turned out to be my new best friend - good thing I met my husband first else he'd be out!!

Mack is doing great, he just got home from doggy daycare at the Country Kennel up here in Bangor. He loves getting to see all his buddies and comes home exhausted! We are doing doggy obedience classes there as well, and, I may be a proud parent, but I think Mack is the star of the class!

Attached are some pictures I took recently - most are of Mack at our camp on Parks Pond in Clifton. He is not a water dog, still have not gotten him in the water despite having my friends border collie there who loved the water.

However he does love the boat and you will see in the pics he and his friend Jolie ready to shove off! Also he loves to hike. My friend Susan, Mack, her dog Jolie and I hiked Chick Hill, the view from the top was foggy but he loved every minute of it. We climbed Bubble Rock in Bar Harbor two weeks ago and again, could not wear him out!!

I'm having a blast with this dog!

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