Thursday, August 13, 2009


MOLLY is a 4 year old Rottie that was rescued by a good samaritan who stopped when she saw her wandering around, underweight, hungry and lost in Red Banks.
Molly is the sweetest, most gentle soul. She gets along well with other dogs and humans. Sadly, Molly has tested positive for Heartworm.

Her rescuer has offered to pay for her treatment, but Molly needs a loving, quiet, indoor foster home to go to in order to be treated (6 week commitment).

This is such a beautiful dog inside and out, please help her to find her way to the life she deserves.

This is what Molly's rescuer has to say about her:
I can't get over the difference a week has made in Molly's life. It is obvious that she has never experienced grass under her feet, she walked well for me today on the leash and showed no fear whatsoever of the grass now. For the 2 days I kept her over the weekend, I had to coax her into the grass with treats, then she was out again or else would freeze and refuse to walk. She even rolled around in it when we first made it to the field today and then asked for belly rubs, which I delightfully gave her.

Rottie lovers - we need your help! If you can open your home and heart to foster Molly, please contact or call Allison - 901-240-9848. Thank you for caring!

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