Thursday, August 20, 2009


Ivy before rescue

While we are on the topic of miraculous recoveries - here is the latest update on Ivy from her adoptive family. We just cannot believe these pictures - especially knowing how badly injured Ivy's legs were when she came to us.

This is just another example of how love and a wonderful home can change the life of a damaged, neglected pup. Yey for IVY!

Ivy continues to do well. She's so great, you were right! I've been walking her with a "gentle lead" and she is doing great with that. I tend to take her for long walks so she does get tired but she's up to about 3-4 miles in the mornings with me!

We have been experimenting with her off leash in our yard. Of course, she often wanders to a neighbor's yard or chases down a cat or critter, but for the most part she stays around. We shake a can of treats and she comes running! We've also left her in the house for a couple of hours here and there. She stays in the mud room if it's longer. She seems okay. Just a chewed on a guitar pick, is all we've noticed.

She doesn't like the rain or the heat, so it's tough getting her outside under those conditions. But we try to play inside when it rains. She'd just as soon sleep when its above 75! She's definitely an early to bed, early to rise dog. She's down for the count around 8:00 pm and up for the day around 5:30 am. She's getting us up later in the am, though and she's good about going back to her bed when we're not quite ready. She sleeps in Megan's room.

One last thing. She is such a sweetie, she always gives each of us a a good night snort or lick before she settles down to bed. (or to wake us up in the morning!)

That's all for now!

Look at those gorgeous legs!
If you have been touched by Ivy' s story - please consider fostering, adopting or sponsoring (paypal email: one of our long term residents. Without your help - dogs like Ivy do not have a chance at finding love.

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