Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is yet another plea for Jadea...Sweet Hound mix girl who urgently needs your help. I know we sound like a broken record - but cases like Jadea's can really make or break a small rescue such as ours. As most of you know, we take on many special needs cases - because we act with our hearts and not our heads. But without your help, we cannot continue to help these desperate dogs.

If you are not familiar with Jadea's case, please click on the link below

We have good news and bad news for Jadea's update.

Bad news: she is still sitting at the vet clinic...waiting patiently for a foster or forever home. Imagine undergoing all of that leg surgery and being stuck day after day in a small cage...

The good news is that we received a large donation towards her vet care from doggie angel, Nancy (thank you Nancy!) Now we have raised $1100 of the $1860.00 goal!

More bad news - we still need to pay off Jadea's remaining bill, come up with additional funds for heartworm treatment AND are incurring daily boarding charges.

Please considering donating to Jadea's fund.

Jadea is a really sweet girl! She gets along with other dogs and cats. She won't cause you any trouble - please consider fostering her and/or contributing to her giant vet bill!

If you can foster Jadea, please send us an email: This girl is a survivor - she really deserves to trade in her cage for a soft bed. Please help!

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