Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sweet Caroline was a sickly little pup that came to our rescue last Spring. We thought that nobody could possibly want to adopt her - because she was suffering from Demodex and just looked so homely. We knew she was a loving pup - who deserved a chance - but would anyone else feel the same?

Lucky Caroline was scooped up by a rescue in Maine that saw her inner beauty. She went to a wonderful foster home that nursed her back to health and then to a loving forever home.

Just looking at Caroline's before and after pictures - you can see what a difference a little love and a good home can make. We cannot believe it is the same dog!

Caroline before

Griffin & Caroline today!

Here is the update sent in by Caroline's adoptive family:

Here's an update on our rescue pup, Caroline: We adopted her in May 2009.

She's just over a year old now and right at this moment she's running around our home like a mad-woman and getting out just a tiny bit of her ENDLESS energy.

Caroline's new favorite activity is chasing a laser around the livingroom...this keeps her entertained for a long time, and it keeps me and my husband laughing, too.

We adore her and we're happy to report that she's a very healthy and happy dog today.

Caroline is "daddy's girl" - my husband Tim is simply in love with her.. She went through so much before we adopted her: abandonment at a very young age, rescue to a shelter, mange and other health issues, losing most of her fur and developing sores all over her body, rescue, transport, and a wonderful foster family with Sherry Moody, etc.

Unbelievably, she's now an incredibly well-adjusted dog who loves all people and all other dogs, too.

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in April and we're sure Caroline will love our daughter. We're just a little concerned that she'll love her SO much that she'll want to lick her and jump on her! One of our new year's resolutions is to invest in some dog-training for Caroline so that we're all better prepared for the arrival of our child.

Caroline and our other dog, Griffin (who we adopted from a shelter a few years before Caroline) are great friends. Griffin is very mellow, so Caroline keeps him on his toes, but they enjoy playing together and they fight like brother and sister, too.

Thank you so much for considering our Caroline deserving of life - most organizations would have overlooked her and we're especially thankful this New Year.

Blessings, Jenny and Tim Carpenter (and Griffin, Caroline, and Baby Girl Carpenter)

Thank YOU Jenny, Tim and Griffin for giving Caroline the life she deserves! It is happy endings like these that keep us rescuing dog's just like Caroline.

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful new beginning for Caroline because you saw her worthy, too. Oh, the AMAZING difference love, food and TLC has made to Caroline :). I have utter hope for Lady Bird who is on the same journey to ME as I write. She was the best behaved dog while waiting for the bus; ok, she barked at some other dogs...Godspeed, Lady Bird! FYI - after the bus arrived and we were waiting to load, a woman and son in a car drove over to ask what was happening. When I explained all these dogs were adoptable and were being taken north for new homes, she was aghast - "they are all up for adoption? How do I find out about them?" She seemed to have no clue how to find an adoptable dog yet could not take her eyes off a chocolate PB appearing Lab boy. I told her to get on, put in her zip code and shelters & rescues would pop up in her area, all w/dogs needing homes. She was very thankful and so was I that she asked. Perhaps a new home?