Friday, September 25, 2009


Meet adorable Kiki! This girl desperately needs a foster home. She is a happy-go-lucky little gal who longs for affection. Kiki appears to be a Pomeranian around 2-3 years old. She likes to ride in the car and seems to get along with other dogs too! Please consider taking her in for a little while so we can search for her perfect home!


Meet Stevie Girl! She and her brother, Jerry, were surrendered by their owner to the City Animal Shelter. They are about a year and a half and are typical Lab mixes who long for a place to call home.

These 2 are having to live in cages at the vet clinic nearly 24 hours a day. They were taken to the vet to be spayed/neutered because they had a foster home, but sadly the foster home fell through (they have been there now for a month or so). Stevie Girl and Jerry are also heartworm positive and could use some doggy angels to help them with funding for treatment. They also have an outstanding medical bill and boarding costs. Please consider fostering these two!

Thank you Kim, Adrienne, and Quitta for helping with pictures!


Meet Jerry! Isn't he a beautiful boy?! Jerry is a typical Lab mix who just wants to romp and play. He will make a great companion if someone would give him a chance!

Monday, September 21, 2009


HELP!!! PAWS of MARION needs larger items/highly desirable items for their upcoming YARD SALE SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3rd! 100% of the profits from the donated items will go to help pay our enormous vet bills. Without help, we cannot continue to save these precious lives.

If you can drop off items in West Memphis that would be fabulous, but we will pick them up on the weekend as well (within 25 miles or so from downtown Memphis). All donations are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 or email her at Because we only have a few volunteers, we would prefer to pick up items that are in good, sellable condition (furniture items would be fantastic as well as children's items). Remember...this is to help save lives!

Also - please support our rescue efforts by attending our Garage Sale
October 3, 2009
8:00 am to ? (no early birds please)
300 West Cooper
West Memphis, AR

If you live in the area and can let us borrow folding tables, please let us know!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Wonderful Bo - who has been in and out of our care for almost a year now - is finally on his way to a new life. For such a sweet, gentle soul, Bo has been through the ringer - dumped at our shelter, stolen, recovered, adopted out and returned for no good reason other than we suspect the husband really wanted a hunting dog (which Bo is not and we told him that from the get go.)
On Thursday, headed off to rescue in Maine - Lucky boy! Where he has a forever home waiting. We know his adoptive family will fall in love with him immediately - as Bo is full of love, well-behaved, and calm. We have nothing but good things to say about this boy - who has been passed around just one too many time.
Good luck Bo! We hope that this is your last transition ever and that you can finally live the life that you deserve.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Percy is a sweet Cattle Dog/Kelpie mix that was found out in the country by a good samaritan. He was starving and suffering from some type of injury - perhaps car related - he could barely walk. When found, Percy was propping himself up by leaning against a fence. He was unable to support himself without it.

The woman who found him began feeding him to see if he would bounce back and called us about a week later, when it appeared that Percy was feeling a little better. Percy has a lot if medical issues that need to be investigated and addressed.

He appears to have a significant visual deficit perhaps caused by a head injury; he has evidence of a head injury based on the old scar/missing hair on forehead; broken pelvis; a bullet in his jaw (old injury) and a pellet in his hip (old injury) and we're not sure what else. Basically the poor dog has survived quite a bit.

After a series of x-rays - the vet felt that the most immediate need for Percy was FHO surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy) on one of his legs - as he appeared to be in a lot of pain. That surgery was completed successfully on Thursday - Percy is recovering nicely.

So far - Percy's medical expenses are up to $410.00. We have received a $100 donation from his rescuer - which went towards the femural head surgery - but still have $310.00 to pay off. Please consider donating to Percy's medical expenses.

Additionally - Percy is Heartworm positive - and will need to be treated once he has recovered from his leg surgery and neuter (this will likely run around $180) .

Percy gets around well and is now beginning to play (well at least he tries to "herd" his foster parents and bite their pants!). He prances and will even come "running" when you call his name (obviously he cannot run while in recovery). He deserves a chance. Please help us to help him!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is Sweetie Bear (now Riley) with her new canine sister, Shelby. Here is an update:

"Things are crazy here but good. It was actually hard to get the two of them to sit still for any length of time. Riley would want to come and cuddle every time I would step back for the picture! They get along and things are going great! I am so happy that the other bears (Sweetie's brothers) have found their homes too and hope all the best for Betsy and her baby (Beagle mom and son). Know that every day you are doing something great down there. All the best, Theresa"

Below is a picture of Opie who was pulled from the Marion Animal Shelter during one of the trips from our Rescue Angels in Wisconsin. Opie was adopted by his foster mom. Apparently he likes to sit on her dogs, Rocky and Shadow.

This is Jack (now Tucker), one of several pups who was saved by our Rescue Angels in Wisconsin several months ago. He was one of the "black dogs" that was lucky enough to make it out of a shelter.

"We renamed him Tucker instead of Jack and he took to it immediately. Sorry if my message was misleading at first but trust me you couldn't pry him away from us because we absolutely love having him with us. He is incredibly smart and loves to swim in the kiddie pool we bought him earlier this summer. He weighs about 35 pounds already, eats like a horse, and is growing like a weed. Tomorrow there is a local waterpark in Green Bay that lets dogs in on the last day they're open for summer so we'll see how he likes all of the crazy slides and fountains... Mike, Marie, and Tucker"


Here is an update on Candy, a Rat Terrier mix, who traveled North to Wisconsin back in May and has finally found her forever home:

I fostered her for 3 weeks in my home, she was placed 2 weeks ago with a customer of ours. The owner lives alone, kids are in college, she has a 2 year old Jack-a-poo and felt he needed a playmate, she brings him to daycare by us. I spoke with her last night, Candy is fitting right in, she rules the roost, and Buster follows her around all day. She said Buster not only seems much happier, but isn't bouncing off the walls anymore. Housetraining has gone just fine, no accidents or marking at all in the house." Nita

Here is another update on Jax.

"Jax, the border collie mix is doing SENSATIONAL, he is being fostered by one of our trainers and will be ready to go to a new home by next week. Thanks for bringing him up, what an awesome dog! If I didn't already have my hands full, I would keep him in a heartbeat!" Nita (Nita owns a wonderful dog training facility in Wisconsin).

Monday, September 14, 2009


***This is an update on Johnny:

"Johnny/Roscoe is doing great! VERY eager to please and quickly learning the house rules. Absolutely no problems! Just moved in and made himself at home without the crate and stays behind the dog fence in the breakfast room when we leave home just to be sure. Jumping up is almost under control and walking with a leash is going to be a breeze. Thanks for all the great preparation he received. John" ***

We are so happy that our long-term resident, Johnny, has finally found a place to call home. Johnny had just finished heartworm treatment (thanks again Diana!)and was given the ok to start his new life with John and his son, Scott. Johnny (now named Roscoe) is in great hands and we couldn't be happier! He will soon get to romp and play with other canine friends of the family (John's friends are all animal lovers who frequent the dog park).

Johnny's foster parents, Kevin and Allison, will miss him tremedously, but truly enjoyed taking care of this sweetie! Please save a life and either foster a dog in need or sponsor one :)