Monday, November 30, 2009


Sweet Alissa has been waiting over a year for her chance to find a loving family - finally her day has come! Alissa on transport last week, heading to rescue where she will live in a wonderful foster home until a forever family finds her!

We are so grateful to her foster mom, Melissa, for taking such good care of our Alissa for many many months. Without foster parents like her - so many many of our dogs would still be living on the streets, or in neglectful homes, or worse.

Here are some pictures of Alissa getting on transport. We have high hopes that her next stop will be her last. Good luck Alissa!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Twinkie & Winkie are wishing for a home TOGETHER by Christmas (they are very attached to each other)! These adorable puppies appear to be Jack Russell mixes (mom is not a JRT, but we assume dad is). They are typical playful puppies around 9-10 weeks old. These gals will brighten anyone's day- Twinkie (black nose) is a little shy at first and Winkie (reddish-brown nose) is the outgoing one. Both are very loving and would make a great addition to your home. They will need a fenced in yard to romp and play in when outside. Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you have any questions about these cuties!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


We cannot be 100% certain - but we are pretty sure that today Gibson is giving thanks for his wonderful adoptive family and forever home. Gibson was one of our longterm residents - so it is especially rewarding for us to receive pictures such as these to show us that all of the hard work and heartbreak is worth it!

Here is the latest update from Gibson's mom:

Just sending some more pics of Gibson. He is such a great boy. Very well behaved in public, and boy does he love to take naps. I think he out snores my husband! Gibson and Buddy get along great and love playing together. He is definitley a mommas boy. -- Chris

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Rescue Pups and their guardians!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


YEY WILLIE has a new home in the Show Me State! Willie has been adopted by one of our volunteer's friends in St. Louis! This is one lucky boy! His new mommy, Kari, is home most of the time and he has 3 adorable young girls to keep him busy. Willie even goes to softball games/practices with the girls! The youngest girl, Sam, is absolutely in love with him (and he with her)! We want to thank Doctor G for saving his boy- we love you! We will post more pictures as they come.


We have another emergency re-homing needed from a long-time resident, Lady Bird. Lady Bird is currently being fostered in Cape Girardeau, Missouri at Silverwalk Beagle and Hound Sanctuary (

Last year, not too long after arriving, Lady Bird jumped the 4 foot chain link fence and was mauled by two dogs, one of whom continues to live up the street from her current foster home. Physically, she has recovered but emotionally and mentally, she is tormented daily by and reminded of the event (it has caused her to be more unstable than she would be and is away from Silverwalk). Bobbie, who runs Silverwalk, dearly cares for Lady Bird, having gone above and beyond working and loving this amazing dog, but her fear behaviors (which were present before this attack and have now been exacerbated by it), have become detrimental to the smaller dogs at Silverwalk as well as her own emotional health. When she has been in town, away from the neighborhood, she has been much more relaxed and outgoing according to Bobbie. Bobbie once emailed, "they say elephants never forget- well Lady Bird should then be an elephant!"

When asked to describe Lady Bird and what type of home would be best for her, Bobbie responded:

"Lady Bird is extremely intelligent, very communicative with her eyes- her new foster home/adoptive home, after paying attention to her eyes and body language, will find her one of the easiest dogs to "read" and understand. She is completely housebroken, completely. She is an utterly loyal dog who, after learning and trusting her people, will BE their dog, either as an adoptee or foster. She is very physically fit- she can pace a car at 25 mph, so someone who is either a jogger/runner (or knows someone who is) who would like an occasional companion would be ideal for her. She does have a special friend at Silverwalk in Shiloh, a larger Beagle. Lady Bird will play bow, wrap her front legs around him in a hug and then dance away with him. She gets along better with male dogs her own size (45 pounds) who are confident, neither soft nor aggressive. Silverwalk currently has a run on smaller Beagles which does not help them nor Lady Bird :(. She is good with men and children. She can be contained in a 6 foot fence, but needs to be a house dog as well as able to enjoy the outdoors. On a whim last summer, Bobbie, who was volunteering during a Canine Good Citizenship test, decided to put Lady Bird through it...she PASSED!"

Lady Bird is an adult girl who needs someone to give her a place to finally call home; a place where she can let fear go and be herself. We are desperate to find that place for her- can you help? She is currently having to be boarded due to all the smaller dogs at Silverwalk! This beauty needs help! Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you can help.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


JOSIE is another one of our long awaited success stories. She is an older dog who came to PAWS over a year ago with her "brother" Oreo. Oreo has since been adopted - and now Josie has her chance to shine as well.

Josie has headed to Maine to find her new home. She is in foster care with another PAWS dog - ABBY. We could not be happier for her.

Here are some pictures of Josie starting her journey North. Josie - we hope someone with a big, soft couch adopts you!


This past week we had several of our longterm residents and a few pups head to New England to foster and adoptive homes! We are always happy to see our dogs get a chance at a better life - but it is especially rewarding when dogs that have been waiting and waiting finally get their shot at a loving home!

Please enjoy these pictures of MORRIS (who has been in boarding for a year...yey!), DAVID, BOBBY, TARA and TESS saying their goodbyes to the PAWS volunteers.






Wishing you all Happy Tails!

Monday, November 9, 2009


This is Percy! He is such a sweet boy with some special needs that aren't hard to meet. Percy has been through alot. He was found injured by a good samaritan out in the country. It turns out he had a broken pelvis and an apparent head injury (most likely hit by a car). Percy had FHO surgery on his left hip about 6 weeks ago and is healing well. Doc isn't sure exactly what he can see exactly, but he appears to see better from a distance. Nevertheless, this boy can navigate his environment well. Xrays revealed 2 previous gun shot wounds (bullets still in his hip and jaw), so we know Percy is a survivor. We just knew we had to save him since he had already been through so much. He is about 10-12 months old according to the vet.

This is a super sweet dog who loves to lay in your lap and receive belly rubs. He needs a patient person to shower him with love and affection. He does fall at times (mainly when excited where he gets ahead of himself and may bump into things), so he needs some type of padding (carpet, etc.) rather than slippery floors and consistency with furniture placement. He has to be leash walked until he heals completely (which should not be too much longer), otherwise he will take off like a deer (he literally prances and will jump 4 feet in the air). Percy deserves a loving home with a fenced in yard. He wants more than anything to be part of the family. Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you can provide him a loving forever home!


Check out gorgeous Daisy! Daisy's litter-mates looked like Border Collie mixes (as tiny puppies anyway- all were adopted up North when they were little) so we think she is Border Collie/Plott Hound mix or Border Collie/Boxer mix. She has the most beautiful brindle coloring. No matter what she is mixed with, we know she is absolutely beautiful and sweet too! She is about 10-11 months old and weighs about 45 pounds.

Daisy got along with everyone in her previous home (sadly, the family has fallen on rough times and can not keep her) and is adjusting to her new foster home with Teresa (who happens to be fostering Mojo and Lucie too). Teresa said she is being an angel so far (quiet as a mouse- just checking things out) and that she will slowly acclimate her to her pack(s) soon! Daisy loves belly rubs too! We hope to find her a forever home soon! Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you would like to meet her!