Wednesday, January 27, 2010


If you follow our blog - you know we have had a lot of happy beginnings lately to share with you - our wonderful supporters.

You also know that we have had a lot of misfortune in a short period of time. With our adoption coordinator and foster mom of many being out of commission - many of our dogs found themselves homeless with no foster homes in site.

We thank everyone who stepped up to help - by fostering, donating time, supplies and funds. With the help of old rescue partners and a few new ones as well - we have made great progress in getting our dog numbers back down to just slightly overwhelming:)

At any rate - now that the smoke has cleared, we have realized that we have a large number of adult dogs in our rescue who are Heartworm positive and are in dire need of sponsorship funds in order to start treatment.

These dogs are stuck in limbo and cannot go to rescue or adoptive homes until they treated for Heartworm. This also means that we are unable to take in new dogs until the Heartworm dogs are healthy and placed.

On average - Heartworm treatment costs between $250 - $300 per dog (depending on weight). Last year we treated approximately 200 dogs for Heartworm. Needless to say - we could not do it without your help - but we need your help again.

Below are just a few of the dogs waiting for treatment and funding right now. Please consider donating $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 to help these dogs move forward in their quest for permanent loving homes.



Chloe & Mandy (waiting since June 2009)

Thank you so much for your ongoing support - without the dog lovers in this world, we would not have as many amazing happy tails to share!

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