Friday, July 31, 2009


What a difference in less than 2 weeks! Willie is already starting to get much of his hair back on his head. He has now been introduced to his foster buddies and is loving the companionship! Willie will even play with toys now! This is the greatest puppy in the world (still no accidents at all- he will even keep barking to tell you he has to go potty!). We would love for him to find his forever home soon since he is getting pretty attached to his foster family. He would be a great "bring your dog to work" kind of dog (if you're lucky enough to work in such a place). Seriously folks...this boy is a keeper! Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you have questions about him or would like to meet him.


These have to be some of the sweetest puppies we have ever met. Calvin (Cal), Clive, and Candi are on their way to Maine to find forever homes. A HUGE thank you to their foster mom, Terri, and her daughter, Victoria, as well as their doggy angel, Diana (Diana not only literally saved them from the streets, but she paid a significant amount for vetting for all 3 of these sweeties!). Much gratitude to Janet and Sue for helping all of our pups! We love you guys!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Remember precious Brody? He was adopted the beginning of April by Nick and Carolyn and was the only boy in the litter of "bottle-fed" pups. He is an absolute doll don't you think?! Brody's sisters all found wonderful homes as well. Thanks Nick and Carolyn for sending the pictures!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We received a call from our wonderful veterinarian about a precious, nearly hairless, pup that was picked up on the streets and brought to the Animal Emergency Clinic. It was obvious that no one was going to claim him and the vet did not want to see him go to the animal shelter (he would certainly have been put to sleep). So, PAWS of Marion agreed to rescue this sweet boy (named Willie- he just looked like a Willie).

Willie truly is a joy. His foster parents feel lucky that he has found them. Willie is a happy boy who longs to be with a family. He stays right by their sides no matter what. Willie has only had an accident the first night he came to their house (none in 3 days now!). He is a smart and loving little guy. Willie is about 6-8 months old and weighs 31 pounds, so he is not likely to be very large. He looks much like the volunteer's dog, Lula (also pictured), who they think is a Lab/Bassett mix (if you have a good imagination, you can see that he may look like with hair, but maybe a little taller!). Willie has a non-contagious form of mange (Demodex mange) which he is being treated for with daily liquid medicine and soothing baths. He doesn't seem to notice that he looks a little different!

Willie could use some sponsor angels to help pay for his medical care as well as to allow him to transition to a good quality premium food to help his immune system. If you have questions about Willie, please call Allison at 901-240-9848.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Buddy is still looking for a forever home (it's been nearly 5 months now!). He needs a foster home desperately because he's living at a vet's office... Thanks to Diana, Buddy is up-to-date on all of his shots, is neutered, and is on heartworm preventative (he is heartworm negative- yeah!).

Buddy is the perfect size (around 35 pounds) and is super sweet and friendly with everyone. He doesn't even mind cats either- what more could you ask for? We are begging someone to please foster Buddy until we can find a permanent home. We have a Rescue Group working on placing him, so we don't think it will be too long. Although the vet clinic staff love him and take care of him very well, all dogs should experience the security a home life can bring. Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you are interested in fostering him.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Just added: the precious Border Collie mix pictured below is the infamous "Chrissie" (thank you Kim for sending us the picture).

This is a condensed version of our amazing day... A woman named Anita and her husband, Brad, found themselves searching for a "lab" on Petfinder (sadly, they had lost their lab, Cody, the day before...). They clicked on a link that took them to our very own Ben and Leo ! After reading their story, Anita and Brad decided these were the dogs for them. The plan was for the Rescue Group to bring them back to Maine when they visited several weeks ago, however Leo was not quite finished with heartworm treatment at the time.

Sooo....Anita mentioned to her friend and colleague, Dwight, that Ben and Leo would be coming at a later date once they coordinate transportation. Being dog lovers, Dwight and his wife, Kimberly, offered to donate hours that they had purchased to use a private jet service (Marquis Jet which offers private access to NetJets) in order to bring Ben and Leo to Maine. The private service was originally purchased so the family could travel with their personal pets, one of whom was named Chrissie). Chrissie was also a "rescue dog" who has since passed. Anita has decided to name this trip "Operation Chrissie Air Lift" in honor of Chrissie.

All of a sudden, news spread quickly....why??? Well it turns out that this wonderful woman, Anita, just happens to be the Chair of the Board for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Dwight is a fellow board member! The Press was alerted here and well....our very own Ben and Leo are probably the most popular dogs right now! After coordinating between all parties involved (initiated by Anita thankfully), it was determined that there was no sense in taking just 3 passengers, when they could fill the jet with more pups waiting to go North. Therefore, thanks to Anita and the extreme generosity of Dwight and his wife, Kimberly, PAWS of MARION sent 10 lucky dogs and puppies to Maine today! 3 adult dogs and 7 puppies were the lucky chosen. A special thanks to the Airport Manager, Lynda Avery, at the West Memphis Airport for accommodating our crew!

We have posted some of the pictures below depicting this absolutely amazing story! Ben and Leo's foster parents, Kevin and Allison, couldn't have found better "parents" for their babies. Thank you Anita and Brad for believing in them! We are also incredibly grateful for our wonderful foster families and sponsors because without you, this would not be possible.