Sunday, January 10, 2010


This past week, one of our longterm residents, Cajun, lost his battle against many heath issues.

Cajun came to our rescue after his former caretaker was in a car accident while traveling through Marion. His owner was thrown in jail, and Cajun was sent to our local shelter. When his owner was released, he left town but did not bother to free Cajun from his cell on his way out.

Cajun has been with our rescue for almost two years. In that time he has faced heartworm, cancer, leg amputation and congestive heart failure.

Through it all, Cajun was a trooper. He had such a positive outlook and a loving demeanor.

One of Cajun's favorite things to do was to play with plastic coffee containers. He only liked the blue ones - not the red ones.

He spent much of his time out on "the farm" with "Uncle Joe" in Earle - where he was very loved. When Cajun had his leg amputated due cancer, and then started showing signs of congestive heart failure, he moved into town, where he spent his remaining days sleeping on a soft dog bed at Leanne and Lisa's home.

We thank everyone who loved and cared for Cajun during his time with us - Especially Uncle Joe, Lisa and Leanne. He was very special dog and we will miss him greatly. We also thank our rescue friends, Janet, Sue and Sherry for making every effort to give Cajun a retirement home up North. We wish he had been well enough to travel - and warms our hearts to know how much you all cared.

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Rest in Peace Sweet Boy!

Cajun is just one of many dogs with special medical challenges that we have in our rescue, please consider making a donation in his name to help another pup get the medical treatment that he/she needs in order to move forward into a new life.

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Anonymous said...

Cajun, I'm so sorry--rest in peace sweet boy.