Sunday, January 31, 2010


****DRAWING WILL BE HELD FRIDAY, FEB 5th at 4:00 pm!!!****

Good news: you have a few more days at least to buy raffle tickets for the Flat Screen TV and Blu-ray Disc Player just in time for the Super Bowl next Sunday! Due to inclement weather , we were unable to pick up all of the tickets for the drawing (businesses were closed). That, coupled with the fact that you could go ice skating in the parking lot of The Cedars where the drawing will be held, solidified our decision to postpone a few days. The President of PAWS will be calling first thing Monday to reschedule for later this week (we will post the date as soon as we find out).

You can still buy tickets, so call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you are still interested. If you live in St. Louis, Missouri or near Ripon, Wisconsin (where several our our friends/family have graciously agreed to sell tickets), we have contacts there that will continue to take orders if needed and email them to us in time. Email Allison at if you need the contact information. Don't miss this opportunity to help out a great cause AND hopefully win the Grand Prize! We have a few "bonus" drawings as well so even if you don't win the TV, you may get a call that you won something else!

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