Sunday, January 10, 2010


Chrissy came to the Marion Shelter last year through no fault of her own. Similar to Cajun's story, Chrissy's owner found himself in some trouble and was sent to jail (and is still there to our knowledge). One of our volunteer's sisters, Kelly, decided to foster sweet Chrissy last March so that she wouldn't have to spend her last days in a shelter (she was visiting from St. Louis one weekend when she spotted her at the shelter).

You see Chrissy was 17 years young when Kelly and Dave took her in! This was their first foster pup ever. Chrissy was incredibly spoiled in their home. However if you speak to them, the joy was theirs. Chrissy was a love bug...the light of Kelly's life for sure. She would bark over and over with her hoarse little voice until she convinced Kelly and Dave to share some of Dave's culinary delights! Persistent that girl was!

We wanted to thank Kelly and Dave for giving that precious girl a "home". It takes special people to agree to help a senior dog, so for that we are truly grateful. Chrissy went to Heaven this past Saturday. Those that knew her and loved her are the lucky ones. We will miss you dearly ...

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Unknown said...

Ellen of St. Louis Senior Dog Project has said this before and I completely agree - there is a special place in heaven for those who love and care for old dogs. Thank you :).