Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Meet adorable Blackjack! This poor baby just can't catch a break. He was dropped off at the local shelter (they said he was a stray, but we know he belonged to someone...) in October. On Nov 11th, 2 male dogs at the shelter attacked him- the gates between the dogs in the kennel runs were accidently opened by a small dog. The vet thinks one of the things that saved him was the collar the shelter staff put on him. Blackjack has completely healed from his injuries except he needs one more thing...

Blackjack has what is called a salivary mucocele. Basically, the dog(s) damaged his salivary gland(s) on the right side. Saliva leaks into the tissues surrounding the damaged gland and pools (in this case in his neck)- for lack of a better explanation. The condition is not thought to be painful, however, the damaged salivary gland(s) need to be removed (they can leave him susceptible to infections and can become very large if untreated). The bad news is the surgery will cost $500!

We were so excited to find out that Blackjack is heartworm negative (which rarely happens around here-another indication that he likely belonged to someone in the past), only to find out he has to have surgery. Blackjack is an incredible boy who already knows how to sit. He will put his paws on you and roll over for belly rubs! Blackjack jumps right into his foster's SUV too and rides very well in the car. The sad part is, his foster home is too full right now and he is having to stay in a kennel/exercise pen for most of the day. It's not the worst thing, but this boy seems to have lived in a home and wants to be with you. Blackjack would love to be part of a family (no cats please) where he can lie on the floor and chew on a bone. Everyone at the vet clinic could not believe how sweet he is. We hope to get new pictures soon (the foster's camera is currently broken- these were taken several weeks ago). He is about 2-3 years old and weighs 85 pounds. He gets along well with the female dogs in his foster home (and didn't seem to have any problem with the male dog he encountered at the vet clinic).

If you can donate even a small amount we would appreciate it so much. This boy is worth it! Please call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you have questions about him!


HELP!!! PAWS needs more sponsors for our Super Bowl Entertainment Raffle. We are going to raffle off a Big Screen TV (either LCD or Plasma) and hope to raise enough money to include either a Blu-Ray Disc player and/or Surround Sound.

Thanks to Electrical Solutions in St. Louis, Missouri, for pledging $500!!!

We are also looking for people in the Memphis area and St. Louis area (or at least within driving distance to deliver the winning prize) to sell tickets. PAWS has absolutely no money right now and has to pay the minimum on various vet bills (which is in the $1000s). We cannot continue to save these precious lives without financial support. PLEASE consider helping.

Sponsors are needed in the $500, $250, and $150 increments. The more money you donate, the more prominent your name will appear on the raffle tickets (we envision $500 sponsors as being listed as "Presented by" and the other increments "Sponsored by" or something similar). The name of your business (or personal name) will be printed on each and every raffle ticket if you choose- great advertising! We hope to include sponsor names in our local paper as well and will also post on our Blog!

HURRY...the Super Bowl is February 7th, so the drawing will be held the end of January!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our few volunteers have been completely swarmed with taking care of dogs, so we apologize for the lack of posts lately. As most of you know, Joan (our adoption coordinator) is recovering from a terrible car accident. She is doing well and is expected to be released from the hospital within the next few days. She will have a lengthy recovery, but we are so thankful she is doing well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are planning a safe New Year's celebration! The following is an update on what has been going on with PAWS!

First, THANK YOU TERESA for stepping up to help Josh, Darla, Toby, and Nate temporarily! Another big THANKS to VICKI and family for taking care of Miles! We still have 2 dogs that need to get out of the shelter ASAP: Eddie and Skylar. Eddie is a big baby who happens to have a docked tail (no idea what he really is). Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive (light positive). Skylar is a gorgeous gal who just needs a patient person to show her the way (eg., house manners, etc.). She is heartworm negative- YEY! The only thing keeping her from being adopted or taken in by our rescue partner is a foster home!

We also have 2 precious Boxers, Layla (green collar) and Southpaw (brown collar), that Joan had recently taken in who are emaciated and need some TLC. We would prefer these 2 to stay together at least until they are healthier (they sleep curled up together). These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago and they have since been bathed and have probably already gained a couple of pounds (we'll try to post pictures again soon). They are the sweetest things you will ever meet. Sadly, both are heartworm positive (Layla- medium positive and Southpaw-light positive). Check out these faces!

Other dogs that need to be re-homed include: Stevie Girl (black lab), Hazel (Chocolate lab/Doberman mix), Callie, and Charlie (Chocolate lab siblings- they can be separated). Incidentally, Stevie Girl and Hazel get along well together if anyone is looking for two! These sweeties were taken in temporarily, but their foster homes are already beyond capacity. Please, if you cannot foster, we could really use funding for food for these dogs (donations are tax deductible) and overall medical expenses (many are not vetted at all as they were just taken in and need to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and ultimately undergo heartworm treatment). We will have more in the coming days.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


You know the saying - "when it rains it pours?"
We are having a monsoon.

Charlie and Callie are two gorgeous, young Chocolate Labs, who came to us after being thown out of a car. They were being fostered at Joan's house. When Joan went into the hospital, Charlie and Callie went to a temporary foster home that could keep them for a few weeks. We did not see this as a problem, as both dogs had a rescue to take them and also a prospective adoptive home.

Today we discovered that Callie has tested positive for heartworm (light positive). Charlie has not been re-tested yet, but we suspect he will turn up positive as well when he visits the vet next week.

So - we need a new, longer term foster for these two that can hold them trough treatment - or a rescue that can take them as is and treat them upon intake. If you can help these two sweet pups - please contact: Allison at 901-240-9848 or Lisa at 901-826-0292.

Now - problem number 2 (or 102 depending on how you look at it).
Our vet has notified us that they cannot order the medication needed for heartworm treatment as Merial, the company that produces the medication, has temporarily shut down operations due to an upcoming merger.

We have 29 dogs right now that are Heartworm positive and urgently in need of treatment. If we cannot treat them, we cannot move them onto adoptive homes and rescue groups - which means we also cannot intake new dogs. This is a life-threatening problem for our current dogs and for future dogs that are in need of our help.

If anyone knows of a vet clinic in the greater memphis area that is rescue friendly - and has Immiticide in stock...PLEASE PLEASE let us know.

Donations for boarding and vetting can be sent via -

or via mail
PO Box 584
Marion, Arkansas 72364

Monday, December 21, 2009


A BIG "thank you" to everyone who stepped up a week ago to help us when our Adoption Coordinator, Joan, landed in the hospital - leaving many foster dogs and her own personal dogs displaced. We are so lucky to have people like you all who care about our rescue pups.

The most recent update is that Joan is still in the hospital. She is going to be on the mend for many months - and has a long road to recovery.

We found foster placement and boarding for many of the foster pups that were living at Joan's house - but we could not find places for all of them.

As a result, some went back to the local shelter that they were originally rescued from. Although we appreciate the support from animal control - we really need your help for these remaining dogs - as our shelter here is a municipal shelter with limited space - and most of the remaining foster dogs from Joan's house are currently living in outside pens in back of the shelter.

Below is the list of dogs that are back at the shelter and in dire need of foster homes:






Darla - Darla is so scared at the shelter - please consider fostering her!


If you can help by fostering one of these sweet pups - please contact Lisa, 901-826-0292 or Allison, 901-240-9848. Time is of the essence.

Donations for boarding and vetting can be sent via -

or via mail
PO Box 584
Marion, Arkansas 72364

Thank you so much for your help and support during this difficult time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


RESCUE ANGELS AT WORK! We are blessed to work with such wonderful Rescues. Our partner rescue in Maine is working frantically to find foster homes for the 20+ dogs we have had to taken in this past week. Today, our Rescue Angels in Wisconsin worked their magic once again and drove 11 hours to Marion to load up the vehicle with small dogs and puppies.

TEN lucky dogs and puppies are on their way North today! Some of the dogs hadn't even been posted on Petfinder yet. Pictured below are Rambo (aka Fred the Basset Hound), Nate (a wirey-haired puppy), Tinkerbelle (precious terrier mix), 3 puppies saved from a nearby shelter, Louie (Jack Russell/Corgi mix?), Brittney (poodle mix?), Chance (Scottie mix) and Blue (small picture of a Aussie/Husky mix?).

A special thanks to all of the volunteers for helping with this emergency: Beth, Mark, Emily, Nicole, Corey, Linda, Natalie, Terri, Victoria, Leanne, Lisa, Allison, Kevin, Jenny, and the foster homes willing to take them in when they arrive. You have all literally saved their lives!

There are still at least 12-15 dogs/puppies that need a place to go (most are living outside in these freezing temperatures). If you can help a pup in need temporarily, please call Allison at 901-240-9848 or Lisa at 901-826-0292. You may also email You will be asked to fill out a foster application and someone will contact you. PLEASE- foster homes are critical right now and we'd like the poor babies to find an indoor home for Christmas (even if it is just temporary).