Friday, March 28, 2008


Thankfully, Andy is now in a temporary foster home. Here are some new pictures of him. Andy's foster mom says he is a very sweet boy, but that he does need some special TLC. Andy is very skittish around people (will run away and then come back or will freeze when approached- he has not been aggressive in any way), but seems comfortable around other dogs (dogs of all sizes). In fact, he appears to perk up and become much more playful around other dogs. Therefore, he would do best in a home with other dogs. He is trying to show affection, but is still unsure. He currently weighs 21 pounds. Andy really needs some sponsors to help fund his heartworm treatment so he can be on his way to a forever home.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Precious is doing fabulous in Massachussets! Yes, this is the dog that had hardly any hair when she was rescued back in the summer. This is what her new owners wrote: "Geoff and I (Karen) have realized that Precious has gotten to be too much a part of the family to let her go so we decided that we will adopt her!" Precious not only has a wonderful new human family, she also has 2 new canine siblings, Lilah and SnowBear.

The family writes, "We knew that Lilah enjoyed playing with Precious but 5 or 6 people have asked Geoff if she and Lilah are litter-mates. Their faces are almost identical and they're pretty close in size. It just seemed like they belonged together. We had planned to let our daughters work with a trainer at some point to get Lilah trained as a therapy dog . We think that Precious has that potential too so we figured if two girls are going to training they can each have a dog to work with. Both dogs have begun intermediate obedience training as a step along that path. "

Thanks for all your love and guidance Geoff, Karen, and family!


WOW,what a wonderful surprise! The first ever "Doggie Easter Baskets" were a hit. At only $5 a basket, would you believe that we raised just over $1000 to go toward boarding costs! Each basket was filled with tasty homemade Easter treats in several different flavors such as Cheese Hydrants, Veggie Paws, Carob Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snickerpoodles, Peanut Butter Ankle Biters, and Good Dog Bones. Everyone raved about how much their dogs loved the treats! We want to thank the following businesses for helping to make this possible: Wal-mart (donated $25 in supplies), Big Star ($25 worth of supplies), Budweiser (donated the sign), and Healthcare Contract Services (donated funds/supplies), and Roselyn O. (donated the use of her kitchen to bake these goodies). A very special thanks to the following volunteers (really... we could not have done this without them): Lisa, Leanne, Austin, Pat, Cissy, Shannon, Jerry, Rene, Mary, Gloria, Allison, Dana, Dee, Trisha, and Trinity. We still have a gigantic outstanding vet bill, so please consider donating to help pay for medical costs. Heartworm treatment for just one dog is typically between $200 and $300 each! Needless to say we have a huge number of heartworm positive dogs living in the Mid-South! THANKS AGAIN TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED WITH THIS FUNDRAISER! If anyone has any ideas for fundraising or would like to volunteer, please email us!


Chelsea is doing very well in her new home up North! This is what her new family had to say about her progress:

"Chelsea is doing very well, we went to the Vet yesterday to get introduced, and make sure everything was well, everything is. She is adapting great, the kids love her, she is off the leash now and does not wander at all, she loves her people, and stays right with us all the time. Thank you all for everything you did, we included some pics. Thanks again, Chris"

Thanks so much for updating us on her progress and for taking this sweet girl in!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well Ava turned out to be an Alex! He finally became comfortable with his new surroundings and came out of the dog house. We are really saddened that Alex has tested positive for heartworms. Even worse...he is all alone at the shelter. While we are very happy that his buddy, Eva, was adopted (fortunately she was heartworm negative), Alex has not had such luck. He is a bit older (5+ years old if we had to guess), extremely sweet, and very lonely. Please consider fostering him through heartworm treatment while we work diligently to find him a forever home.


Ok... hopefully this is the last of puppies for awhile. Meet the sweetest, most cuddly puppies ever: J.B., Jake, Janelle, Jed, and Josie. You can definitely tell they have been well fed and are very friendly too! We're not sure what their breed make-up is, but some seem to have shorter legs (Jed in particular looks like a St. Bernard/Basset mix). They may have some Mountain Cur in them due to the Brindle coloring??? Nevertheless, they are absolutely adorable! We are looking for foster homes for these guys/gals because they are living outside the shelter due to overcrowding.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Bless her heart, Lilah was hit by a car and has broken her hip as well as her front leg! Thankfully, she was rushed to the vet and underwent surgery to repair the damage. Lilah is doing pretty well. She is able to walk fairly well on a leash. However, this sweet girl needs some doggy angels to help her. She would LOVE to recover in the safety and security of someone's home...not in a shelter. She doesn't have anyone to look after her all night long (or to give her potty breaks!). Lilah should be lying on a comfy dog bed, not a hard crate, soaking up some TLC. Needless to say her vet bill is quite large, so we could really use some angels to help sponsor her. Please someone foster this adorable Beagle!


Goodness...they just keep coming in. Meet litter-mates Tina, Tori, Tanner, and Toby (2 females and 2 males). These sweet puppies are having to live outside because the shelter is full. So when it's cold and rainy outside, just imagine these babies all alone (well at least they have each other). Black puppies get overlooked quite often at shelters and wouldn't you know we have 4 of them. Please help us by fostering them while we search for the perfect owners!