Sunday, September 28, 2008


UPDATE 10/01/08: Thankfully, Wally has found a temporary foster home (thanks so much Laura!) to help nuture him and nurse him back to health. We will update you on his progress soon!

This is Wally! Wally has survived the odds (sorry these pictures aren't very good- he was not exactly up for pictures). He was found in the country by a good samaritan, literally starving. Wally was taken to the vet because he was so weak and anemic (consequently, he had to undergo a blood transfusion). After a few days, Wally just wasn't eating well and he could not keep what little food he ate down so they took X-rays. Wally had apparently eaten everything he could get his paws on in an effort to stay alive. Unfortunately, Wally had bones, plastic, and many other things in his stomach which required surgery. Thankfully, he has survived and his IV is being removed today. He desperately needs to find a foster home where he can be nurtured back to health.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


This is Tramp (Lady's brother). Tramp is not quite as shy as his sister, but he could certainly use a doggy angel to show him some love too (let's face it, who doesn't). No dog should have to live in a cage- please help him! Click on each picture for an enlarged view!


This is Lady! Lady and her brother, Tramp, were actually found under a house that had burned due to a fire. Luckily, both of them were not physically harmed. This sweet girl needs a doggy angel quickly. She is incredibly shy, but sweet. She just needs someone to help her find her way (she needs a special person to be patient with her as she is a bit nervous around unfamiliar sounds, etc.- poor girl just wanted to go back to her crate). We think she is a Lab-Greyhound mix perhaps.


This is handsome Duke! Duke is a 4 year old Boxer who is currently staying at a vet's office. This is no life for any dog. According to the staff at the vet's office, Duke gets along well with children and most dogs. He would really appreciate being in a loving home.


Gorgeous Cashmere is just waiting for her forever home! Cashmere was found by a good samaritan several months ago. She was very ill with a virus, but has been well for some time. She is about a year old. This poor baby is living at the vet's office in a cage. Please consider fostering this sweet girl.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Elvis (thanks Sherry) , Allie, Wendy (thanks Susan and Dan), and Mikey-D (thanks Allison and Kevin) all found their guardian fosters! Three of these sweeties have been spayed/neutered and will finally be on their way to loving homes next week! We cannot thank these fosters enough for their dedication. Because of people like you, we can continue to save these precious lives. We have so many others just waiting for the opportunity, so please call if you can help. Joan can be reached at 870-739-5412 between 1 and 5 or 870-739-1145. Allison may also be contacted at 901-240-9848. The foster application can be found to the right of this Blog post, under "Links of Interest".


This is Harvey (more pictures to follow - we just snapped these quickly). Harvey got loose from his home (we think we know where he came from), but no one came looking for him. Harvey is a very gentle boy who appears in great physical condition. He is even more gorgeous in person. Sadly, he is having to live in a crate in the medical room because there is no room anywhere in the shelter. This is pretty devastating for him as you can imagine. Responsible Pittie owners...where are you? We have a half a dozen Pitties in the shelter that desperately need you before it's too late.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Precious Diamond started heartworm treatment last Tuesday thanks to Brenda (her doggy angel), who has agreed to foster her. Brenda reports that she is doing well- eating like a horse and enjoying snoozes on the couch! She will have to rest for 2 months, but she doesn't seem to mind :)