Saturday, February 20, 2010


Oh sweet Percy! If you meet Percy, you can't help but love the boy! He is a special dog who deserves the best. As some of you may know, Percy was likely hit by a car a few months ago (either that or thown out according to the vet...urgh) where he sustained a head injury and a broken pelvis. This is also the likely cause of Percy's visual problems as well. He underwent femoral head ostectomy (FHO) surgery in September. In this surgery, the “ball” of the femur (large bone in the upper thigh) that normally fits in the socket of the pelvic bone is removed. The resulting false joint is supported by the large muscle mass around the hip. In this surgery, generally 70-80% return to normal function and a pain-free active life. X-rays revealed 2 bullets- 1 in his jaw and 1 in his hip! This cutie is a survivor!

Percy has completely healed from his surgery and runs around the yard prancing/jumping like deer! Percy does still have a visual impairment (more impaired in the left eye), but it does not hold him back at all. He is able to navigate his environment without much difficulty. However, he would do best in a home that has non-slick floors (or at least rugs) and where the furniture typically stays in the same place. He can navigate a few stairs, but a 2-story home would not be ideal for him due to safety (he tends to jump down and up stairs, skipping several at times).

Percy can get overstimulated/excited sometimes, particularly when he is ready to "play". He will sometimes nip at your legs in order to get you to play. For this reason, a home without small children would be best. He loves meeting new people and would probably like a calm and understanding doggy companion. Percy could be an only dog as long as his owner has time to spend with him. A fenced in yard is strongly preferred as well. Percy enjoys riding in the car, but needs someone to hold him or some type of restraint (he has trouble maintaining his balance/equilbrium and can lose his balance at slight changes in direction). Percy is a loving young boy (approximately 12-14 months old) who LOVES belly and chest rubs. He also enjoys tickle games where his foster daddy scratches and tickles him along his sides. Oh and ear rubs are great too!

What Percy really wants is a forever home where he can roam around the house as part of the family. In his current foster home, he is restricted to the kitchen and gets so excited when allowed to explore the rest of the home (they have several other fosters and personal dogs, so for his saftey, he stays in the kitchen). Percy naps on his blanket and has not had an accident inside except for twice when he first got to his foster home (his foster parents didn't know how to read his cues at the time, but now they do!).

A very special thanks to Diana who has been a fantastic support for Percy and many many others. She has graciously agreed to pay for Percy's outstanding medical bills so that we can continue to save lives! We cannot thank you enough for all of your are a Saint!

Call Allison at 901-240-9848 if you'd like to know more about this precious boy!

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