Sunday, February 7, 2010


Angie is yet another longterm resident that has FINALLY found her forever home - thanks to the help of one of our rescue partners up North.

Angie spent the last year being fostered by PAWS mother and daughter team, Lisa and Leanne.

Angie was a challenging placement as even though she shared a foster home with other dogs - she had a tendency to be bossy. She also was quite an explorer - so needed a home either with a tall wooden fence or a family committed to walking on leash.

We began to wonder if Angie would ever find her family - but as usual - good things come to those who wait.

Angie is now enjoying life as an only pet. She thrives on having all of the attention to herself and is in love with her young human brother.

Here is the update from Angie's new mom:

Angie is doing great!

She seems to be adapting to us and the cold well. Angie was not too excited about going to the bathroom in snow the first couple of days.

She has been very gentle with the kids. At night she follows them into their rooms and lays in there until they are asleep. She has become very protective of us too

Craig takes her for walks in the morning and stay right with him, she isn't pulling away like she did at first.

She is eating well, and after the first night she has been sleeping great.

We all are really enjoying having her in our home.

Thanks Melissa

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