Monday, February 8, 2010


Sweet Sidney, a 2-3 year old White german Shepherd/Husky mix (blue eyes), has a story that is similar to many. She was dumped at our local shelter after giving birth to an unexpected litter of puppies.

The shelter contacted us for help as the kennels were full - and a shelter is no place for nursing puppies.

We pulled Sidney and her pups out of the shelter and placed them in a very temporary foster home. We even found a rescue to take them all as soon as they organized transport (the same rescue that stepped up for Kaleigh and her pups)! We were so thrilled!

A few weeks passed and no word from the rescue - we called and emailed, but no response. So now Sidney and her puppies, were stranded - as the foster could only keep them short-term.

Thankfully, an all-breed rescue stepped up for Sidney's puppies - but Sidney still needs a place to go.

Sadly, like most neglected adult dogs here - Sidney has tested positive for Heartworm disease. She really could use some doggie angels to help sponsor her treatment. Please help this mamma find her way to a better life.

Sidney is an absolutely gorgeous girl who appears to get along well with other dogs. She is a wonderful mamma to her puppies.

if you would like to sponsor Sidney (paypal button below), know of a rescue that would help Sidney, or are local and would like to foster Sidney through her heartworm treatment - please contact

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