Wednesday, February 24, 2010


***GOOD NEWS- Bubba's current family has decided to build a fence so they can keep him afterall****

This is a courtesy posting for one of our volunteer's neighbors who rescued this handsome boy. This is Bubba (also known as Buddy depending on which family member you talk to). Bubba is an active young boy (approx a year old) who needs to find an indoor home as soon as possible. He is having to live outside in the cold because one of his current family members is allergic to dogs. Bubba's current owner took him home from his workplace a few months ago after someone apparently dumped him.

Bubba appears to be at least part Greyhound or Whippet (???). He has a gorgeous brindle coat and has a slender body type. The problem (aside from needing an indoor home) is that he does not want to stay in the backyard and will climb the 4 ft chain-link fence. A home with a wooden privacy fence is preferred. Bubba generally stays in the front yard and does not seem to wander much. He just wants to be with "his family", but the family is worried because they live near a fairly busy street.

Bubba would do best in an active home with older children. He is a big puppy who enjoys giving kisses to the toddler in the picture, but he doesn't quite know his strength and accidentally knocks him over. He would benefit from obedience training as most dogs would.

We are not sure about his heartworm status or medical history (e.g., vaccination history) yet, but hope to find out very soon. If you can at least foster Bubba, please call Allison at 901-240-9848. If you are interested in adopting him, we ask that you fill out a PAWS application to ensure his safety. We can provide his contact information if you have specific questions about him as well.

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