Sunday, February 28, 2010


Lonnie and Lindy need your help! These poor pups have been in limbo since December 2008 when they came to our rescue after being put on "the list" at our local shelter.

Even though they were brought to the shelter as strays on different dates, We are pretty sure that they came from the same house, where they lived with older children. Apparently they did not have a fenced in yard which is how they landed at the shelter. Sadly, their owners never came to reclaim them.

Both are very sweet and well socialized with humans. Lindy would probably do best as an only dog (however, in all fairness, her foster mom admits that she has not been tried off-leash with any of her dogs) . Lonnie has played with his foster mom's female Pit and even one of her male dogs, however he can be fussy at mealtimes and would need to be fed separately. Both have been wonderful around older children (5 and up- they are a little too jumpy for toddlers).

Lindy and Lonnie have been in one foster home since their intake - but they have been living outside as the foster parents are not allowed by their landlord to have inside pets.

Now their foster parents are no longer able to house them due to family challenges - we have no place for these poor dogs to go and no funds for boarding. The foster parents have given us a deadline of Wednesday, MARCH 3rd to find new foster homes, rescue or sanctuary assistance for Lindy and Lonnie. If we cannot, they will have to be put to sleep (we have NEVER had to do that due to lack of foster homes, but all of our foster homes have multiple dogs and no one has room). Please do not send us e-mails about this as this is excruciating enough for us, but without someone to step up and take them we have no choice.

We would love to find indoor foster homes for Lindy and Lonnie so that they may live as part of the family. On top of everything else - Lindy and Lonnie have tested positive for Heartworm and will need to under go treatment at some point. They have been on heartworm preventative since their foster parents have had them.

These beautiful bullies just cannot seem to catch a break. We know it is a long shot - but we think they deserve a chance at a loving home, just like every other dog that comes through our rescue.

If you can help by fostering Lindy or Lonnie, please contact Allison IMMEDIATELY at 901-240-9848.


There will be a foster application/screening process to ensure safe placement. Below are the most current pictures of these gorgeous dogs!

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