Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Look at how happy Ladybird looks! Ladybird is yet another miraculous placement. This girl came to us via the local shelter in November 2008 so scared and very undersocialized. We had no idea what to do with her - we were not even certain she would ever be placeable.

Fortunately for us and for Ladybird - Bobbie from Silverwalk Hound Sanctuary - stepped up to foster yet another one of our wayward hound dogs.

Bobbie spent time socializing and training Ladybird. Ladybird even received her Good Canine Citizen's Certificate while under her care...but even after a year of hard effort - still nobody showed interest in this gorgeous girl.

Thankfully - our rescue partner up North decided to give Ladybird a chance. Boy are we glad they did! We never imagined that Ladybird could look so happy and relaxed - just like a "normal" dog!

Although Ladybird is still looking for her forever home - she is thriving in foster care. Below is the update sent in by her foster mom along with some very happy dog pictures!

I promise not to update you every week, but I just wanted to let you know how LadyBird did for her first full week:) We are still having problems with her chasing the cats ( I really think a home without cats would be best for her). I don't think she would ever hurt them, but she is so interested and doesn't understand that they don't like her:)

She and Diesel have started to wrestle and play tug. In fact last night Diesel had to push her away when he had had enough- she still wanted to play.

We took them to the beach today and she did well. At first she was barking at every dog that came our way, but with a stern shh she figured that like cars, she doesn't need to bark at all of them. I tried to keep most dogs away from her, but there were many dogs off leash that came our way. She didn't have a problem with any of them. A small beagle was one of them.

She also hasn't made one mistake in the house, and lets us know when she needs to go out.I think that's it. I attached a few pictures just so you would see that she is doing okay. She loves laying in the sun! -- Shannon

Thank you so much to Bobbie and Shannon for giving Ladybird the break she needed! She has come a very long way thanks to your effort and has earned her wings to take her to her new life.

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