Monday, February 8, 2010


Look at this gorgeous girl! Kaleigh is a Australian Shepherd that is approximately 12 months old. For such a young age - she has been through an awful lot!

Kaleigh was dumped at our local shelter after giving birth to a litter of puppies. As the shelter was full - her life and those of the puppies - were in immediate danger.

The shelter found a foster home for Kaleigh and her pups and we thought we found a rescue to take Momma and pups to safety. Things were looking good for Kaleigh.

Without warning - Kaleigh's foster mom returned her to the shelter - along with her puppies. She stated that she was scared her dogs would get Heartworm from Kaleigh (Kaleigh has tested NEGATIVE for Heartworm - not that it is a disease that is spread through contact anyways!) Sadly, one of the puppies died at the shelter before we were notified of the return.

We immediately called the rescue that promised to save Kaleigh and her babies - to let them know that their lives were in danger once again...but the rescue never responded - despite numerous emails and calls. How heartbreaking!

Kaleigh and her pups have now been pulled from the shelter once again. The puppies (that are mixed breeds) are heading off to an all-breed rescue - but poor Kaleigh still need a place to go.

We would love to see her go to a breed-specific rescue or an Aussie experienced home! If you love in the Memphis area and would like to provide Kaleigh with an indoor foster home until a rescue group or adoptive home steps up - we would appreciate that as well!

Kaleigh is very sweet natured. She gets along well with other dogs and was very well-behaved at the vet.

This gorgeous girl will make a wonderful companion for someone who loves this breed.

If you have the love in your heart and room in your home for Kaleigh please contact

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