Tuesday, February 16, 2010


HELP!!! We are desperate to find a foster home for 2 adult female labs and 2 chunky puppies ASAP. Long story...basically 2 adult lab sisters approximately 9 months old wandered up to a man's home in Hernando 3 weeks ago when it was freezing outside. The next day, one of the labs gave birth to 4 puppies (2 died). Unfortunately, the man who owns the home is NOT a dog person at all and has actually threatened to shoot all of them if no one comes to get them soon. His daughter is maintaining contact with one of our volunteers and has "bought some time" for us by taking pictures of them. However, they need to find a foster home(s) by this weekend. We have posted on several email groups and have asked everyone we know, but no one has stepped up to help.

The 2 adults are having to live outside in the cold. The man and his wife have agreed to let the puppies stay inside and they let the mama dog in to nurse. Although this is better than being outside, the puppies need be by her side as much as possible so they can bond with her appropriately.

The adults have had a round of shots and will get a booster soon. The mama lab (red collar) weighs 41 pounds and the sister weighs 50 pounds. Both are very light heartworm positive and are currently on heartworm preventative (will be treated if we can find a foster home). The puppies are 3 weeks old now (born Jan 28th) and weigh about 5 pounds each! Like most labs, the two sisters are SUPER friendly. We know that it is nearly impossible to find a foster home to take all of them, but this would be their dream (and ours). If they have to be split up, we completely understand. This is an urgent situation so please spread the word.

If you can help, please call Allison at 901-240-9848 immediately! Thanks to Karen, we have a vet willing to donate $500 worth of vetting once they get placed in a foster home! We also have a sponsor willing to donate up to $100 toward food for these babies- thanks so much Beth! We can probably loan a crate or two if needed as well so someone please provide a cozy indoor home for these babies!


Beth said...

I will donate $$ for dog food to whoever takes them in.

PAWS of MARION said...

You are so sweet- we can always use help as you know. Just hoping someone will step up...so sad