Monday, June 15, 2009


Morris is another adorable Pittie who has been with us since JANUARY with no interest. We do not understand why - he is such a sweetheart! Morris is young (maybe 1-2 years) and a nice medium-sized pup. He is playful and fun - He had a blast in the yard with a bone that he discovered. He carried it around in his mouth proudly for all of the pictures taking as if to say "look what I found!"

We have tested him with both male and female dogs - he seems to do well with both!

Poor Moris has been living in a small cage at the vet clinic for 6 months! This is no way for a young, active pup to live. He needs to be out of the vet clinic by the end of June. Please Please consider fostering Morris. Contact:, or call Lisa: 901-826-0292.

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