Saturday, June 13, 2009


Have you ever seen such cuteness? These 8 puppies were rescued from someone's yard - they were covered in fleas and fly bites - but look at them now! They are lucky to have found a wonderful foster home (thank you Christy!) and even luckier to have a rescue to go to. One small problem...Their current foster mom is going out of town on 6/22 and their rescue is coming to pick them up on 6/27...that leaves 5 days where these cuties will be homeless...can you help?

We are looking for a local indoor foster home to keep these precious babies safe from 6/22 - 6/27. Now we know it is a lot to ask someone to take in 8 pups - but it is only shortterm, and they don't ask for much! Just food, a warm bed and a yard to run around in.

The pups are NOT available for adoption. The rescue that is taking them already has approved homes waiting. Please help them in their journey to love and hapiness by fostering these pups for 5 days.

If you can help - please contact Lisa Britton, 901-826-0292.

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