Saturday, June 13, 2009


Poor sweet Sadie is a young Yellow Lab (1-2 years old) that was abandoned at our vet clinic because she has severe hip dysplasia. This beautiful girl needs surgery on both hips in order to live the life of a normal, happy pup.

Many organizations would give up without trying to help Sadie due to the expense of such a surgery - but we feel she is worth the effort - we hope that you will too. Sadie's hip surgeries will cost between $2500 - $3000. She also has tested positive for heartworm...

We have a rescue interested in Sadie - but need to find her a loving foster home and raise some funds for her medical needs before she can go to rescue.

As you can tell in these pictures, Sadie is your typical loving, happy Lab. Please help us to help her find her way to a loving forever home, by sponsoring her surgery expenses.

Sadie is currently living in a small cage at the vet clinic - can you imagine how uncomfortable she is? We need to find her a foster home where she can stretch out and enjoy some home living. Please give this girl a chance! Contact or call Lisa, 901-826-0292.

Thank you for caring about our pups!

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