Sunday, June 14, 2009


Poor Terrence has been sitting in a small cage at the vet clinic since January - waiting from someone to see what a wonderful dog he is.

Terrence came to us from a street corner in Memphis where he was seen daily - begging for food. He belonged to a family that moved and left him behind. Terrence stayed and waited for them to return - but would go out on walks every day to the street corner, to find scraps of food. Kind people started feeding Terrence - so he kept returning to his street corner every day and going back home to wait for his family at night. He would never let himself be caught though. One day, Terrence decided he had enough and let a nice lady catch him and she brought him to us. Terrence is about 1 year old and just the sweetest boy.


He was underweight, bow legged and very funny looking when he arrived. Good nutrition has made a world of difference for this boy. He looks like a completely different dog (see after pictures below)!

Terrence URGENTLY needs a foster home. He can only stay at the vet clinic until the end of June. Terrence has been going home with on of the clinic employees on weekends - who reports that he is good with other dogs and cats. If you can open your home and heart to Terrence, please contact or call Lisa, 901-826-0292.


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