Sunday, June 28, 2009


We are thrilled to report that Beasley, the world's sweetest Beagle boy, has also found a terrific home! Beasley was living in the vet clinic alongside Gibson. He had just finished up heartworm treatment when Donna inquired about adopting him.

We would love to adopt Beasley. Brief history: I had a wonderful Beagle named Cooter. My dad lives across the street from me. Cooter was really his dog. My dad is totally disabled from a airplane crash in 1975. He saw Beasley picture and fell in love with him. We lost Cooter in Febuary and it has been really hard. I have a fenced in area. I have taken in two other dogs that have had to go through heartworm treatment. Please help us get Beasley we would give him a wonderful home!

We contacted Donna's vet who told us that he did not even have to look up her records - because she is the best dog mom in the world!

PAWS volunteer, Lisa, picked up Beasley on Saturday and drove out to Donna's house. Beasley took to the whole family immediately. He now spends his time in between Donna's house and her parents' home while Donna is at work (they live across the street). Beasley is never alone and recieving lots of love.

Below are some pictures of Beasley with his new family. Thank you Donna for adopting Beasley! He sure looks happy!

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Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

YESH for Beasley!!! He looked like such a wonderful boy - I am so glad he has found a new home(s).