Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is our second plea for help for Bagel. We once again stepped up to help a dog that most would give up on before even starting - This has resulted in a $2000+ vet bill for Bagel - not including the daily boarding costs we are incurring as nobody has stepped up to foster this poor girl. Our last fundrasing effort on her behalf raised $85.00. We need more help! Bagel has been through a horrible ordeal - and survived, only to sit in small vet cage for months on end waiting for a foster home.

PLEASE consider either donating to Bagel's vet bill, or providing a loving foster home for her. Without your help we cannot continue to take on the special needs cases - and where will that leave the dogs who need us the most? Below is Bagel's story - please pass this onto your family and friends and any dog lovers you know that may be able to help.

Bagel is living proof of the resilient and forgiving nature of dogs.

This poor girl came to us when a caring soul called Animal Control for help. Our volunteer, Joan, went out on the call with the ACO and could not believe what she found.

Bagel was lying in her own blood in front of some garbage cans, while a group of teens held a party around her.

Bagel had been shot several times at close range - she still has a bullet in her head and one in her jaw that cannot be removed because of proximity to the brain.

Bagel was bleeding out and would have surely died if Joan had not wrapped towels around her wounds and rushed her to the vet. Bagel also had a prolapsed uterus, which meant she had to be spayed immediately, which was dangerous considering the amount of blood she had lost.

Despite the odds - Bagel survived. After months in the vet clinic - she is a gorgeous, healthy girl. Look at that smile! How can a dog that has been so mistreated - be so kind?

Bagel is tired of living in a small cage at the vet clinic and really needs a foster home that will care for her until her forever home can be found. Can you help?

If you can open your home and heart to Bagel, please contact Joan 870-739-1145, or Allison, 901-240-9848.Bagel looks like a purebred Rottie, but she is very small (40 - 45lbs). We estimate her to be 1-2 years old.

Please consider sponsoring her.

Bagel is just one of many special needs dogs in our care right now - please help us to continue to help these souls that have nobody to speak for them.

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