Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sweet Gibson has been waiting for a long time for his perfect forever home. It makes us so happy when one of our longterm residents finds a great family. This poor boy has spent months living in a small cage at the vet's office with very little interest - or the wrong kind of interest. Finally, Gibson's doggie angels appeared.

Lisa drove all the way from Kentucky with her American Bulldog, Buddy, to meet Gibson. We were not sure after so much time in a kennel how Gibson would react to another male dog. Lisa was very patient - and spent several hours letting Gibson and Buddy interact - to make sure that the fit was right.

Gibson is now living happily inside the home with Buddy. He was a little skiddish with Chris, his new Dad, but has warmed up to him as well. Here are some pictures and an update from Gibson's new family.

Just wanting to update you and let you know that Gibson is adjusting very well. Gibson loves to play ball. He and Buddy are very playful together, and he has warmed up to Chris. He loves to be by your side and lay on the couch relax. He has not been in the kennel at all, we are able to leave them out when we leave and he sleeps on the floor by the bed. He does awsome with the kids. He is a very sweet boy and I am so happy that everything is going well.

Thank you Chris and Lisa for giving Gibson a chance at the life he deserves!

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