Thursday, June 4, 2009


We were excited to receive an update on Rocky and Bullwinkle (aka Lucky and Coco) from their owner, Nancy:

"I am really enjoying the dogs. They are a little bigger but I think they are now done growing. Lucky (Bullwinkle) has turned out having curly hair and is a lighter color than Coco (Rocky) who is still a deep copper color with short straight Teddy bear like fur.

Coco is really good on the leash, though he is the more "troublesome one" in respects
to singing and even sounds like he talks and will chew anything in sight! I have had
many ups and downs with them. Lucky is still difficult on the leash but much better.
However, they are UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE, LOVABLE, and the best way to describe them would be bundles of joy. They sleep at the foot and side of my bed and wait patiently for me to awake. When I do you would think they hadn't seen me for a month. Thank you all ever so much. They are great company and so much fun."

Thanks again Nancy for taking in these boys when they needed it most!
It looks like they have a wonderful life with you!

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