Saturday, October 18, 2008


Oh precious Ashley Jordan. Pretty shocking how skinny this little girl is...however she has such a will to live! She is now in the comfort of a home and is eating very well. She is eating frequent small meals of chicken and rice, canned food, and even kibble (this is progress as she wouldn't eat any dry food when she was first rescued).

Ashley is a loving and gentle girl. She just wags her tail and is no trouble at all at her foster home (not a peep out of her). Ashley loves to bask in the sun and put her head on your lap. She has a bit of an upper respiratory infection right now, but it is being treated. We cannot wait to see how wonderful she will look after a few weeks of groceries (she only weighs about 32 pounds now, but should weigh around 40-45), so check back for more updates soon!

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