Saturday, October 4, 2008


Saturday and Kix came to us from a very neglectful situation.

A concerned citizen contacted us after Kix was shot in the leg and then left in the yard without vet care for several days. Kix's leg was severely shattered and had to be removed. Although Saturday has no physical scars, it is obvious that both Kix and Saturday have spent their short lives neglected and abused.

Poor Saturday is so scared, that he has to be carried outside to do his business.

Despite it all - both pups are very sweet natured and get along with everyone (dogs and cats). Saturday even plays with the cat at the vet's office!

These pups really need foster homes and sponsors. We have not tested them for heartworm yet - but chances are they will test positive (doubtful they received prevention at their last residence). They are living in crates at the vet clinic because the shelter is full. They are in dire need of socialization and a safe, warm place to lay their heads.

Please call Joan at 870-739-5412 (between 1 and 5) or 870-739-1145. Allison may also be reached at 901-240-9848 if you have trouble reaching Joan.


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