Friday, October 17, 2008


We are looking for donations of time and/or expertise in the following areas (please ask around- surely you know someone???):

Grant Writers: We have several grants that we would like to apply for if someone could please lend us a hand in this area. We have never written any grants, so we are just looking for some assistance in this area.

Printing People: If anyone can donate color copies for flyers showcasing our pets available for fostering/adoption. We would love to speak with someone about window decals, car magnets, calendars, and other marketing ideas as well (we realize there may be a charge, but we are looking for a great deal since we do not have much funding). Also, if anyone is available to distribute flyers anywhere and everywhere, we need you too :)

Dog Training People: We are always looking for people to either help train our sweeties to give them a better chance OR to just volunteer their time to take them to training (most trainings are on Saturdays, but other days may be available as well).

Automobile People: A dream would be for someone to donate a van or SUV for us to transport our pups in (must be in good condition as we do not have the funds to fix vehicles). Nothing wrong with dreaming... Oh and crates (medium and large) would be FABULOUS too so we can just leave them in the vehicle or use for foster homes.

Foster People: Yes...we are begging again. This is the most critical part of Rescue as you may know. Our sweeties cannot leave for forever homes Up North unless they get out of the shelter for at least 2 weeks. As always, we will try to provide whatever is needed (food, crates, etc.). All you need to do is provide your hospitality, love, and affection. In most cases, you must have a secure fenced in yard and the dogs must be kept indoors as part of the family. We only have few weeks to get a majority of our pups out to make room for new arrivals (we get alot of dogs in the fall/winter months and there is no room currently at the shelter).

Picture/Photographer People: We desperately people to volunteer their time to take pictures of our new arrivals. Basically, 2 people are needed and a good quality camera (one to hold the leash and one to take the pictures). Any day would be wonderful, but we'd love to have something on a consistent basis (e.g., once or twice a month, etc.). It would be wonderful if the photos could be cropped and re-sized to be uploaded to the Petfinder site (or put on disc and we will do that).

Misc. Needs: We will soon need dog houses for our dogs that are having to live outside due to overcrowding. Most of our dog houses are in very poor shape and would not be appropriate for cold weather. Good quality rubber toys are also need as well as cat toys and litter boxes (yes we do have cats, but most are housed at our wonderful cat lady's house, Glynis). Metal dog/cat bowls are always needed as well as medium and large collars/leashes. As mentioned previously, we could really use medium-extra large metal crates for our foster homes. Finally, if anyone has a refrigerater in good condition to donate, the shelter needs one desperately.

Check back for pictures of our new arrivals very soon (we apologize for the delay, but it is a very busy time of the year).

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