Saturday, October 18, 2008


Duke has gone to a wonderful foster home. This boy looks so happy! Here is the latest from Amanda, Duke's foster mom:

He is so wonderful!! We have not had any problems with him at all. I have been taking him to the free socialization classes at Petco twice a week and he now knows how to sit on command. We are still trying to convince him to eat dry food, he only wants wet. So, we are mixing it to try to get him to eat it. He is also a great watch dog with very good instincts. We are really enjoying him! Thank you for letting us foster him. Here are some new pictures. Amanda

Thank you Amanda for giving Duke the love he deserves.

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Amanda Tidwell said...

We love Duke!!! Right now he is laying at my feet washing and chewing on a stuffed Halloween bear. He is eating much better, twice a day now wet mixed with dry. Everyone remarks on how well behaved he is. He has not even had one accident in the house and is very polite to our rescue cat. I have always been truly a "Cat person" and laughed at those "nutty dog people", but now I am becoming one and it is because of Duke. When he is not with us I wonder what he is doing and look forward to returning home to him. Thank you so much for allowing this wonderful dog to be a part of our lives!!!! Amanda Tidwell